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American Chemical Society Your Career in Chemistry: [Presentation subtitle or presenter name]

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1 American Chemical Society Your Career in Chemistry: [Presentation subtitle or presenter name]

2 American Chemical Society How Can These Headlines… The search for new cancer medicines continues…. Scientists puzzle over new methods of detection for homeland security… The need for new materials to make sports equipment last longer heats up….

3 American Chemical Society And These Opportunities… Wanted: Chemical Technician, background in organic synthesis, computer-aided design. Good communication skills required. Wanted: Analytical Chemist for the federal government, interdisciplinary background with an emphasis in environmental testing and hazardous waste and water testing. Field work required. Wanted: Materials Scientist, experience with metal alloys and ability to collaborate with a variety of R&D, commercial and manufacturing functions a must.

4 American Chemical Society 4 …Help you to find a career? You are about to find out!

5 American Chemical Society Your Career in Chemistry: A Guide to Exploring the World of Work in Chemistry

6 American Chemical Society 6 Successful Chemists Are: Curious Problem Solvers Good at Math Team Players Good Communicators

7 American Chemical Society 7 Where the Jobs Are for Bachelor’s Degree Chemists: Source: ACS News, C&EN 2008

8 American Chemical Society 8 Where the Jobs Are for Ph.D. Degree Chemists: Source: ACS News, C&EN 2008

9 American Chemical Society 9 Non-traditional Careers in Chemistry Sales & Marketing Patent Law Museums Banking & Finance Science Journalism/Communications Chemical Information Insurance Elected Office Public Policy/Regulation

10 American Chemical Society 10 Planning for a Career in Chemistry Examine your interests Establish your goals Determine your education needs Remain Flexible

11 American Chemical Society 11 Preparation For a 4-year Degree Essential Classes Chemistry Math (4 years) English (4 years) Biology Physics Computer Skills or Programming Optional Classes Speech/Public Speaking Foreign Language

12 American Chemical Society 12 Education and Career Education Level CompletedPotential Career High SchoolChemical Technician Community CollegeChemical Technician Bachelor’s Degree Program Chemist Industry, Government, High School Teaching Graduate or Professional School Chemist Industry, Government, Teaching (all levels), Specialized careers (doctor, dentist, lawyer)

13 American Chemical Society 13 Chemical Technicians Education Associate of Applied Science degree, in-house training Skills Sampling/handing chemical materials, analysis, synthesis Work Environment Research and development labs, analytical labs, manufacturing plants Responsibilities Operate and maintain equipment in labs and plants, collect samples, analyze materials, perform experiments

14 American Chemical Society 14 Bachelor’s Degree Chemists Education Bachelor’s degree in a chemical science Skills Chemical analysis, synthesis, interpretation of data, oral and written communication Work Environment Industrial, government, hospital lab; H.S. classroom Responsibilities Perform experiments, communicate and work with a research team; teach

15 American Chemical Society 15 Advanced Degree Chemists Education Master’s, Ph.D degree in chemical science or other professional degree (M.D., J.D.) Skills Management, experiment design, communication, specialized skills Work Environment Industrial, government lab; classroom Responsibilities New product development, manage teams or projects, teach, mentor

16 American Chemical Society 16 Work Experience Summer Jobs Cooperative education Internship Undergraduate Research Study/work abroad Prior Experience B.S.M.S.Ph.D. Less than 12 months $36.7$48.0$75.0 12-36 Months $38.6$47.0$70.0 More than 36 months $40.0$64.0$60.0 Source: ACS News, C&EN 2008 Median annual salaries $ in thousands, 2007 starting salaries

17 American Chemical Society 17 Hot Jobs Biotechnology Chemical Business Chemistry & Electronics Environmental Forensic Chemistry Hazardous Waste Management Interdisciplinary Fields Materials Science Nanotechnology Specialty Chemicals

18 American Chemical Society 18 ACS Education Division For more information Contact: ACS 1155 16 th Street NW Washington, DC 20036 1-800-ACS-5558 Or visit us on the web:

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