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DOMESTIC ABUSE Signs, Prevention, Help & Communication Stephanie Nelson High School Students.

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2 DOMESTIC ABUSE Signs, Prevention, Help & Communication Stephanie Nelson High School Students

3 WHAT IS ABUSE  Abuse can be emotional or physical, and can happen to anyone (4).  Abuse can include violence or intimidation etc. (4).

4 WHAT ABUSE LOOKS LIKE Video It gets a little shocking from here out!

5 WARNING SIGNS Controlling (3) Pressuring (3)

6 MORE WARNING SIGNS Do they get jealous?(5). Do they Isolate you ? (1) Do they exert Dominance over you? (1).

7 Emotional Abuse


9 NOW EVALUATE YOURSELF?  Think about it, have you ever been in a potentially abusive relationship?  Or have you been the one who demonstrated one or two of those warning signs? Now Evaluate thyself!

10 PREVENTION  Ask yourself the following questions, are they trying to control me or isolate me? If yes, discontinue relationship or discuss first with partner.  If they have struck you, discontinue relationship!  Have they ever verbally hurt you unnecessarily? If yes, talk to your partner about it, if not discontinue relationship!

11 MORE PREVENTION TIPS  If you’re considering leaving your partner, find safe places to go (2).  Avoid cordless phones, corded phones are more private (2).  Be prepared to leave, promptly (2).

12 DO NOT ADD TO YOUR PROBLEM  Don’t blame yourself, it’s not your fault.(2)  Do not make excuses for your abuser! (2).  When help is offered to you, take it!  Only confide in those you trust.  Don’t be afraid to leave or discontinue the situation!

13 SUGGESTIONS  Look into how self protection classes like martial arts, that are local.  Look in counseling for you and your partner.

14  Open communication  Respectful of one another  Takes each others feelings into account, when making decisions or when speaking to the other.  Lack of communication, often brought on by fear  Talking or treating the other in a disrespectful way.  Not taking each others feelings into account often hurting the others feelings! HEALTHY VS. UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS Healthy Unhealthy

15 MORE ON HEALTHY VS. UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS  You’ll like spending time with your partner vs. being on egg shells not enjoying your partner.  They will give you space when needed vs. Violating your space  Be able to hang out with friends together vs. your partner hating your friends & needing to hang out with them by yourself

16 THIS VS. THIS Hugs mostly Fighting mostly

17 COMMUNICATE PROPERLY  Speak calmly  Explain your issue  Do not name call  Do not throw old issues back in your partners face, that creates unnecessary turmoil

18 COMMUNICATION  Lastly hug it out, no one can stay mad after a hug

19 HELPFUL RESOURCES  A Place for Your Pets: so if you think they could be harmed when you leave, this is a place for them. A Place for Your Pets  A Safe Haven for Women & Children A Safe Haven for Women & Children

20 YOU CAN PREVENT THIS Now everyone can be protected when you leave your situation, just by knowing the resources provided

21 ASK YOURSELF THESE QUESTIONS?  What did I learn, that I didn’t already know?  What shocked you?  How did this presentation make you feel? We will discuss these questions in a few moments, so ponder your responses!

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