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Resume Writing Rosemarie Sena Center Office of Career Development.

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1 Resume Writing Rosemarie Sena Center Office of Career Development

2 Seminar Content What is a Resume? Parts of a Resume What Do You Want to Sell? Types of Resumes General Tips Samples

3 What is a Resume? A resume is a marketing tool that you create to help sell yourself to prospective employers. It is a one or two page summary of your skills, accomplishments, experiences and education designed to capture an employer’s interest.

4 Parts of a Resume Required Legal Name Contact Information Education Experience Other Objective Honors &Achievements Skills Campus Activities

5 What Do You Want to Sell?

6 Crucial Marketing Components in Your Resume: Education Degree/College/Location/Graduation Year GPA (if 3.0 & above) Major(s)/Minor(s) Skills Languages spoken Computer abilities Transferable skills Experience Employment related to career field Internships Campus/Summer jobs Volunteer Work

7 Types of Resumes Chronological Categorical Functional / Skills

8 Chronological Resumes Lists experience beginning with most recent Pros Markets strong work history Employers prefer it Cons Displays problems like job-hopping and gaps Not good for career changers or those with limited work experience

9 Categorical Resumes Put experiences under specific career categories in reverse chronology Combines a chronological and functional format

10 Functional / Skills Resumes Skills / credentials are listed under targeted functional areas Pros Highlights strengths, hides weaknesses Can present life experiences Good for those with limited work experience Cons Some employers do not like this type Can “backfire” if poorly done

11 General Resume Writing Tips Keep your resume to one page in length if possible; no more than two pages Call attention to key items by bolding, italicizing, etc. Print resumes on good quality, light colored paper (24 lb. weight or better) Be concise and relevant Be specific – quantify information PROOFREAD your resume several times Use action words (verbs) and short phrases to describe experiences Edit and edit again!

12 Sample Action Verbs AccomplishedBalancedDelegatedHandledMediated AdvisedBudgetedDevelopedImplementedNegotiated AssistedCompiledDirectedIncreasedPrepared AdministeredCommunicatedEditedInstructedPresented ArrangedCoordinatedEstablishedManagedSupervised AnalyzedCreatedGeneratedMarketedUtilized

13 Select a resume style that will market your skills, education and experience the best! The Career Services Staff of the Sena Center are more than willing to assist you with this process.

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