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Fashion history of Mexico in the 1950’s

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1 Fashion history of Mexico in the 1950’s
By Alanna Smith

2 History Of Mexico in the 1950’s
Mexico supported the United States war effort with raw materials to produce much needed items for the war. The economy of Mexico was booming due to World War II and this was known as the “Mexican Economic miracle”. The population of Mexico made a major shift to the urban areas of the country.

3 Culture in Mexico Religion plays a major role in Mexico with 82.7 % of the population practicing Roman Catholicism. This is also very evident in the fashion. Family is also very important in Mexico with multiple generations sometimes occupying a home. Food plays a major role in Mexico when families get together for religious holidays and festivals. Music is also very important to Mexican culture and has several forms such as Mariachi, Ranchera and recently Rock has played an important role.



6 Mariachi Band

7 Latino Rock/Cholos

8 Santana, Julio Iglesias and Selena

9 Religion/Roman Catholicism

10 Dia de los Muertos/Day of the dead

11 Fashion in Mexico Due to the economic boom of the 1950’s, Women in Mexico of all classes were able to dress in the in vogue styles of the day. Mexican fashion in the 1950’s incorporated history, religion, music and Mexican culture into the clothing. Hand painted skirts with vibrant colors were the norm and covered a myriad of subjects. Dresses with belts and many accessories were the rage. Business women wore pencil skirts with button up jackets and hats. Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior were a huge influence in Mexico during this time period

12 Christian Dior






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