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THE HISTORY OF SOCCER By: Hunter Ballard and Austin Davis.

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1 THE HISTORY OF SOCCER By: Hunter Ballard and Austin Davis

2 ORIGIN OF THE WORD SOCCER  In England the game was called soccer by the British upper-class  The lower-class called it football and the name stuck.

3 THE START OF THE GAME  In China during the 2 nd or 3 rd centuries BC  Early growth of modern soccer started in England

4 HISTORY OF SOCCER  The first official league was established in 1863  11 clubs were involved with the establishment  The inaugural game was played o December 9, 1863

5 FIFA  Federation International Football Association  Founded in May 1904

6 U.S SOCCER  The U.S.A international soccer team was formed in 1913  One of the first organizations to join FIFA

7 WORLD CUP  The world cup is a tournament that happens every four years lasting a month  Starting out with only 13 teams has grown to 32 teams  Brazil has won more than any other country.

8 HOW IS IT CHOOSE  The world cup started out only being in South America and Europe  In 2002 it began to rotate to many countries  The FIFA congress votes and decides nearly 7 years in advance

9 1930 WORLD CUP  Held in Uruguay  Consisted of 13 teams 1 st – Uruguay 2 nd – Argentina 3 rd – United States 4 th – Yugoslavia


11 Forbes Magazine releases top 5 richest clubs in the world 1. Real Madrid 2. Manchester United 3. Barcelona 4. Arsenal 5. Bayern Munich

12 REAL MADRID  Located in Madrid, Spain  Real Madrid brings in 650 million dollars in revenue  The club is worth 3.3 million dollars  Home to some of the best players in the world

13 SPAIN'S RIVALRY  Barcelona and Real Madrid are Spain’s largest clubs  Both being in the top 3 richest clubs are very prestigious  Real Madrid leads the series 90 to 86

14 ENGLAND’S RIVALRY Liverpool and Manchester United  The two clubs are the most successful club in England  Manchester United leads the series 84 to 83  The clubs together hold 121 honors


16 TOP 5 SOCCER PLAYERS IN THE WORLD PlayerClub 1. Lionel Messi FC Barcelona 2. Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid 3. Wayne Rooney Manchester United 4. NeymarFC Barcelona 5. Landon DonovanLA Galaxy

17 LIONEL MESSI  Born: Rosario, Argentina  Age: 26  Plays for FC Barcelona and Argentina National Team  Scored 223 goals for FC Barcelona since 2004

18 CRISTIANO RONALDO  Born: Madeira, Portugal  Age: 28  Plays for Real Madrid and Portugal National Team  Scored 247 goals since 2004 For Manchester United and Real Madrid

19 WAYNE ROONEY  Born: Liverpool, England  Age: 28  Plays for Manchester United and England National Team  Scored 204 Total goals in his career so far

20 NEYMAR  Born : Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil  Age: 21  Plays for FC Barcelona and Brazil National Team  Scored 111 goals in his career so far

21 LANDON DONOVAN  Born: Ontario, Canada  Age: 31  Plays For LA Galaxy and U.S. National Team  Scored 121 goals in his career

22 2014 WORLD CUP  The 2014 world cup is going to be held in Brazil.  This will be the first world cup in South America since 1978  The finals will be held in Rio De Janeiro

23 U.S TODAY  Soccer in the U.S is growing every year  The Major League Soccer (MLS) stands at 20 teams  The MLS will grow to 24 teams by 2020

24 WHY WE CHOSE THIS TOPIC  Hunter  I choose to do soccer because I have played since I was 3 years old  I played travel soccer since I was 8 and have stuck with it through high school.  I didn’t know much about the history so I wanted to research into it

25 WHY WE CHOSE THIS TOPIC  Austin  I chose this topic because I have played soccer since I was six years old.  I have played traveling soccer since I was 9 and played it all the way through high school  I chose this because soccer is such a big part of my life and I wanted to know the history behind it

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