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Accreditation and Certification Process for ISO 14001 EMS Chris Spire NAP EMS Council.

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1 Accreditation and Certification Process for ISO 14001 EMS Chris Spire NAP EMS Council

2 Agenda National Accreditation Program (NAP) Organization Accreditation/Certification/ Registration Process Continual Improvement in NAP What Does the Future Hold? Why Register? Slide 2

3 National Accreditation Program (NAP) Organization

4 Relationships ANSIRAB Accreditation and Certification Board National Accreditation Program (NAP) QMS Council EMS Council QMS and EMS Auditors QMS and EMS Course Providers QMS Registrars EMS Registrars Certifies Accredits RAB

5 American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Promotes the National Accreditation Program (NAP) Provides due process and public review of program criteria and procedures Offers public notice of applicants for accreditation Represents NAP in international activities Slide 5

6 Registrar Accreditation Board (RAB) Operating partner for the National Accreditation Program (NAP) Accepts and processes applications for accreditation and certification Forms accreditation audit teams and reviews their findings Coordinates initial accreditation audits and ongoing surveillance audits of registrars Manages auditor certification program Manages course provider accreditation Slide 6

7 NAP EMS Council Broad volunteer stakeholder representation: Industry: 3 Government: 3 NGO: 3 Consultant: 2 Standards: 1 Registrar: 2 Accreditation auditor: 1 Three-year term and mandatory participation Slide 7

8 NAP EMS Council Official liaison members: U.S. TAG to TC 207 Chair Standards Council of Canada Multi-State Working Group on EMS U.S. Environmental Protection Agency oParticipate in all discussions, except votes oFormal interactivity link Slide 8

9 NAP EMS Council Evaluates and makes final decision on EMS accreditations of registrars Develops and promulgates U.S. EMS conformity assessment policy initiatives – to other CA bodies, governments, industry, NGOs Ensures consistency of performance with national and international peers Accomplishes continual improvement through robust complaints and appeals process Slide 9

10 Accreditation Certification Registration Process

11 Registrar Accreditation Evaluate registrar’s team at Stage 1 and Stage 2 audits (witness audit) Perform office audit of procedures, records, practices One per year/full system every 4 years Use ISO 19011, ISO/IEC Guide 66, IAF Guidance on ISO/IEC Guide 66 and NAP Procedures and Advisories Submit to EMS Council for approval (initial and 4 year reaccreditations) Slide 11

12 EMS & QMS Re-accreditation Audits Slide 12

13 Registrars per Program ( RAB web site: Slide 13

14 Course Provider Accreditation Initial approval of course content, examination, and instructors Evaluation of course provider’s administrative system Evaluation of at least one complete offering of course Slide 14

15 Accredited EMS Course Providers 18 total accredited 0 applicants 0 on suspension List on RAB web site: As of August 2004 Slide 15

16 Auditor Certification List of RAB-certified auditors on Web site Certified in grades EMS-LA, EMS-A, E-A, E-PA Maintenance includes continuing education and auditing experience RAB-certified auditors play vital role in preparing organizations for and conducting ISO 14001 audits Slide 16

17 Auditor Certification Requirements: Education (degree/diploma) Work experience (4 years/10 years) Auditor training (RAB LA course) Personal attributes (communication skills, objectivity, ability to reach sound judgments based on objective evidence, sensitivity) Audit experience (except PA) (20 days/4 audits supervised by LA) Slide 17

18 ISO 14001 Registration Includes series of document reviews, plus site visits and audits by registrar Registrar’s auditors review organization’s procedures, processes, and operations Registrar audits full EMS to determine conformance to ISO 14001 and its effective implementation Registration report prepared Registrar’s independent certification board evaluates report and votes Registration granted or denied Slide 18

19 ISO 14001 Registration To maintain highest credibility, NAP accredited registrar may not engage in advice-giving or consulting with organization it’s registering Surveillance audits conducted at six-, nine-, or 12-month intervals Complete reassessment of EMS required at least every three years Slide 19

20 ISO 14001 Registrations in the United States PUBLICPRIVATE NATIONAL 7? LOCAL 173917 8/2004


22 Continual Improvement in NAP

23 NAPA Study & Response NAPA Study  “Concept appears to be sound”  Recommendations to strengthen U.S. registration practices Response to Study by ANSI-RAB NAP - New guidance and procedures to enhance public confidence in the system  Closer attention to audit planning and bidding  More guidance on auditor independence  More attention to pre-audit planning  Increased transparency in handling complaints  Continuity from audit to audit for accreditation of registrars Slide 23

24 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results from 1 st Issuance Overall Satisfaction Rating# of CRB’s% Completely satisfied 12.8% Very Satisfied1027.8% Somewhat satisfied 1952.8% Dissatisfied616.7% Very Dissatisfied00.00% Average Score 3.2 – Somewhat Satisfied

25 2004 Complaints Complaints against CRB’s and ANSI-RAB by type and source can be found at 25 complaints against CRB’s 7 complaints against registered organizations 5 complaints against ANSI-RAB NAP Slide 25

26 What Does the Future Hold?

27 Multilateral Cooperative Accreditation Arrangement (MCAA) ANSI-RAB NAP (US) and JAB (Japan) in 9/2003 Added JASANZ (Australia/New Zealand) in 12/2003 Accredited Registrar SAIGCS for QMS and EMS under MCAA based primarily on JAS-ANZ audit reports Negotiating with SCC (Canada) Interest by UKAS (United Kingdom) Slide 27

28 Global Certification Authority Letter of Intent Forming New Certification Organization Registrar Accreditation Board (RAB) Quality Society of Australasia Limited (QSA International) Auditor Certification and Training Course Accreditation Slide 28

29 New and Revised Guidance Documents and Standards ISO/IEC 17011:2004 Conformity Assessment – Accreditation Bodies (AB) ISO/IEC 17021:2004 Conformity Assessment – Certification/Registration Bodies (CRB) ISO 14001:2003 EMS Specification with Guidance for Use ISO 19011:2002 QMS/EMS Auditing Slide 29

30 Why Register?

31 Why Organizations are Registering to ISO 4001  Customers requiring / recommending it  Demonstrates environmental responsibility to Stakeholders  Executive Order 13148 requires EMS  Built into the Corporate culture  Instills discipline into environmental management process  Assurance to management that environmental matters are handled responsibly Slide 31

32 Benefits of ISO 14001 EMS Improved environmental performance (utility use, emissions, waste) Reduction in potential liabilities (emissions, waste) Positive corporate image (regulators, environmental groups, financial institutions, community) Identified opportunities for waste reduction and cost savings (higher operating efficiencies, lower disposal costs) Slide 32

33 Benefits of ISO 14001 EMS Heightened employee environmental awareness (employees significant part of system) Reliable management process (ISO 14001 proven effective) Improved competitive edge in global marketplace (Asia and Europe) Slide 33

34 Environmental Agency Incentives Reduction of penalties Special public recognition Fewer scheduled routine inspections Faster permitting procedures Reduced or streamlined reporting Supplier requirements by governmental agencies Slide 34

35 EMS Environmental Performance Improvement Parameters  Established objectives and targets from EMS  EMS in existence greater than 2 years  One objective of the EMS was environmental performance improvement  3 rd Party certification of EMS Database  Clients of RAB Accredited Registrars  Performance Track Participants Association  Multi-State Work Group on EMS  Michigan EMS Database  NAEM & GEMI Corporate Members Slide 35

36 Why NAP Accreditation? Credibility Leadership Representation Perspective Choice Slide 36

37 Questions & Comments

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