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Today’s World Section 3 Preview Main Idea / Reading Focus The Threat of Terrorism Map: World Terrorism Incidents Other Threats to Security Threats to World.

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1 Today’s World Section 3 Preview Main Idea / Reading Focus The Threat of Terrorism Map: World Terrorism Incidents Other Threats to Security Threats to World Security

2 Today’s World Section 3 Reading Focus How does the threat of terrorism affect today’s world? What other threats to world security exist today? Main Idea Terrorism, the potential use of weapons of mass destruction, and ethnic and religious tensions threaten security around the world. Threats to World Security

3 Today’s World Section 3 The Middle East has become a focus of efforts against terrorist groups. A major threat to global security today is terrorism, the unlawful use or threat of violence to cause fear and to advance political, religious, or ideological goals. Terrorists often intentionally target unarmed and unsuspecting citizens during their attacks. Terrorism not modern phenomenon Acts of terrorism far more common over last 200 years Terrorism has been used to overthrow governments, fight for independence, or change society Terrorism throughout History The Threat of Terrorism Number of worldwide attacks has increased over past few decades Violence of attacks also increased, with few regions of world spared Latin America, illegal drug trade England, Irish Republican Army South Asia, Tamil Tigers Terrorist Attacks

4 Today’s World Section 3 Part of focus because of ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict; has history of Western colonial domination leading to resentment of West among some Arabs Region home to radical Muslim organizations claiming Islam justifies terrorist attacks against innocent civilians In fact terrorist actions contrary to Islamic law, condemned by most Muslims 1980s, Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qaeda used terrorist tactics against Israel, Western nations Hamas seeks to destroy Israel, create Palestinian state Hezbollah supported by Iran, has primary goal of destruction of Israel Islamist Tactics Iran’s support of Hezbollah—state- sponsored terrorism Israel, United States, other nations consider Hezbollah terrorist organization Other nations see it as legitimate resistance movement against Israel Support Terrorism in the Middle East

5 Today’s World Section 3 New Legislation After al Qaeda attack September 11, 2001, U.S. government took many actions to prevent future terrorist attacks Passed new legislation to strengthen international, domestic intelligence Military Action Used to pressure countries suspected of supporting terrorists 2001, U.S.-led military campaign invaded Afghanistan, forced out Taliban government, which had supported, protected members of al Qaeda Homeland Security Established after 9–11; focused on security of nation’s borders, transportation networks Sought to find, cut off funding sources for terrorist networks Fighting Terrorism

6 Today’s World Section 3 Similar Security Issues Other countries faced similar security issues Bomb attacks on trains, buses in Madrid, London, Jerusalem spurred Spain, Great Britain, Israel to investigate ways to use technology to improve future security for transportation systems Other Military Actions 2003, another U.S.-led invasion targeted Iraq, dictator Saddam Hussein Some officials claimed Saddam possessed dangerous biological, chemical weapons, supported anti-American terrorist groups; this later found to be untrue

7 Today’s World Section 3

8 Today’s World Section 3 Make Generalizations How are countries working to prevent terrorism? Answer(s): strengthened intelligence services, increased security, military actions

9 Today’s World Section 3 In addition to terrorist attacks, there are other threats to global security. Many countries possess weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), including –Biological weapons –Chemical weapons –Nuclear weapons Can cause enormous amounts of destruction Terrorist groups, governments seek to use for own purposes Dangerous Weapons Made with organisms, toxins found in nature; easy, inexpensive to develop Diseases, poisons like anthrax, plague, smallpox 1972, more than 70 nations signed treaty prohibiting production, possession Officials worry about biological attacks by terrorist groups Biological Weapons Other Threats to Security

10 Today’s World Section 3 Chemical Weapons Mustard gas, nerve gas use chemical toxins to kill, injure Used in both world wars; used in Iran-Iraq war against Iraqi Kurds, 1980s; nerve gas sarin in Tokyo subway system, 1995 Today Nearly every nation in world has agreed to this treaty At least eight countries known to possess nuclear weapons Others believed trying to develop them Nuclear Weapons Biggest threat to world in twenty-first century During Cold War, U.S., Soviet Union, 60 other nations signed Nuclear Non- proliferation Treaty, meant to stop spread of nuclear weapons Other Weapons

11 Today’s World Section 3 International Atomic Energy Agency monitors countries suspected of developing nuclear weapons Countries have placed sanctions—economic penalties, on nations considered nuclear threats Sanctions Difficult to control nuclear weapons Nuclear technology can be used for legitimate purposes International concern over development of nuclear weapons Many countries making efforts to ensure nuclear technology used safely Legitimate Use Addressing Nuclear Issues

12 Today’s World Section 3 Multiple Threats High-tech weapons threat: have power to destroy, kill Ethnic, religious conflicts threat: create willingness to destroy, kill French, UN Troops Worked to maintain ceasefire in Rwanda until new government could establish order 1998, some involved in the genocide convicted, executed Tutsi, Hutu 1994, tensions between Tutsi, Hutu ethnic groups led to massacres in Rwanda 1 million people killed, another 2 million became refugees Darfur Early 2000s, similar situation in Darfur: Arab militias attacked African villagers By 2006, 400,000 killed, 2 million fled to refugee camps Ethnic and Religious Conflicts

13 Today’s World Section 3 Security Summary Violence caused by ethnic, religious hatred significant threat to people around world Nations face –Risk of terrorist attacks –Use of weapons of mass destruction –Ethnic, religious conflict People around world working hard to protect public safety

14 Today’s World Section 3 Identify Problem and Solution How are countries and international groups dealing with threats to world security? Answer(s): peacekeeping missions, imposing sanctions

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