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Carbon Footprint Reduction Nico Cianfarani James wachsmuth.

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1 Carbon Footprint Reduction Nico Cianfarani James wachsmuth

2 Big Business It is generally believed that some of the nations environmental problems stem from big business pollution. Whether its with their method of transportation, or the output from their factories, businesses have not been as efficient as possible. Recently, many companies have taken steps in the right direction towards running cleaner. Companies such as Wal-Mart or Target have Started using more efficient trucks to transport Their goods.

3 Energy Phantoms Different things in your house Use energy 24/7 even tho they are not being used, for example cell phone chargers use the same amount of energy even if the phone isn’t being charged How to fix? Plug all appliances/devices that have a phantom load into a power strip and then turn the power strip off when you are not using them.

4 Light Bulbs -> Obviously -uses about 75% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs and lasts up to 10 times longer -90 percent of the electricity they consume into heat.

5 Hydropower vs Solar power -Hydropower is the most significant renewable energy source. -the only renewable energy source that is in some measure competitive with fossil fuels. -2 billion people don’t have access to electricity. -Comprising 5 % of the world’s population, Americans consume over one quater of the world’s energy. -Most amount of electricity is consumed by electric ovens

6 Transportation Lower Cost EVs generally cost less in total to own, operate and maintain than combustion-powered vehicles, even in cases where the initial purchase price is somewhat higher. More Reliability Electric motors have very few moving parts and don’t need fluids such as engine oil, anti-freeze or transmission fluid, so they require relatively little maintenance and are far less likely to leak. Excellent reliability means down time is less likely, too. No pollutant Emissions EVs emit no pollutant from the tailpipe, so they’re cleaner for the environment and better for everyone’s respiratory health.

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