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Wind Energy x XD By Rebecca XD and Victoria :D x.

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1 Wind Energy x XD By Rebecca XD and Victoria :D x

2 Contents :D x What do u need to make it work ? Why is being developed ? Top ten facts about wind turbines ? Advantages Disadvantages Quiz Sources of information

3 What is needed to make it work You need wind to make the wind turbines work which is good if you live on high lands.

4 Why is it being developed Wind is always going to be around to power the wind turbines because it is a renewable energy. In Denmark 20% of their electricity is from wind power.

5 Top ten interesting facts :D 1. A home owner turbine is basically a fan that when moved by the wind creates energy because it is attached to a generator that@ 2.collects the electricity it makes. Today's windmills do not interfere with TV reception 3. The first turbines that produced energy from the wind were used in 200 b. c. in Persia (Iran). 4. Wind generated and powered turbines can have either vertical or horizontal axis. 5. The United States and Germany are the world's leading countries in wind energy. 6. The top U. S. states for energy created by wind are Texas and California. 7. One megawatt of wind energy is about $1 million in economic development in today's dollars. 8. Energy made with wind in America will reduce the carbon dioxide in the air by one third. 9. Wind energy is really a form of solar energy 10. 80 percent of the wind power generated energy costs is construction.

6 Advantages One of the advantages of wind power is that it doesn’t cause global warming Wind is free it doesn’t cost any money and wind farms don’t need fuel to power the ground can still be used to grow fruit and vegetables. The wind farm attracts tourist attention.

7 Disadvantages The wind turbines can sometimes kill birds because some of the birds like heavy wind Some places don’t have wind so they cant have wind farms. It can sometimes affect TV reception

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