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Cyber Safety and Digital Citizenship.

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1 Cyber Safety and Digital Citizenship

2 What Does Cyber Safety Mean?
Cyber safety means the ability of our students to act in a safe and responsible manner on the internet. Cyber safety is also about students understanding the importance of protecting personal information and reputation.

3 What Does Digital Citizenship Mean?
Digital citizenship is where individuals are taught how to be civil online. This includes an individuals using etiquette, how one should behave online along with ensuring that their identity is protected.

4 Why Is This Important? Our children today depend on technology for everything. However, what they fail to realize is that the technology world is a much bigger world as well but it can be extremely dangerous. It is extremely important for us to educate our children to make sure that they are being safe and polite when communicating. It is also extremely important for our students to understand the consequences and the danger that exists online.

5 Cyber Safety Tips For Parents!
Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when browsing on the internet: Discuss what cyber bullying and the effects it has on children Set clear rules for using the technology. Stay aware and involved of what your child is doing online. Teach children to ask for help anytime they see unsafe behaviour on the internet.

6 Cyber Safety Tips For Students!
Never give out personal information. Example – Name, Address, School Name, Phone number Don’t write to people who make you feel uncomfortable. Don’t meet someone without the permission of your parents. Tell your parents if someone makes you feel uncomfortable.


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