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The University of Kent Careers and Employability Service Forensic Science Careers You can download a copy of this presentation at

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1 The University of Kent Careers and Employability Service Forensic Science Careers You can download a copy of this presentation at

2 Skills gained on a Forensic Science Degree Gather and analyse relevant information from a wide variety of sources Identify and propose solutions to problems Work with others in the preparation and presentation of group work (group projects) Project management Technical skills Work independently (individual projects) Communicate with others in a clear and articulate manner Present ideas and arguments verbally in presentations and seminars, and informal discussions



5 FORENSIC SCIENCE EMPLOYERS  Forensic Science Service. Disbanded! Independent forensic contractors  LGC - analytical science, consumer protection pollution and health, DNA and drug analysis also document examination for Inland Revenue and DSS.  Qinetiq - analysis of terrorist-related explosives.  Home Office (Police Scientific Dev’t Branch) research and development on equipment and systems used for the police and fire services.  Police Laboratories - 4 in Scotland  Police forces employ civilians as scenes of crime officers.

6 Destinations of Kent Forensic Science Grads

7 One third of graduate jobs accept any degree subject. BECAUSE: Learn new skills quickly Analyse & solve problems Numeracy Open to new ideas, adaptable and flexible “Managers of change” Marketing and Sales Retailing Social Work Personnel Civil Service Accountancy Banking Computing

8 Choosing a Career CHOOSING A CAREER BOOKLET - available from Careers Service. Prospects Planner - powerful career choice program

9 Forensics Vacancy Sources Speculative CVs - use Forensic Sci. careers page Kent University Vacancies Database Science Recruitment Agencies New Scientist Royal Society of Chemistry - includes vacancies from Chemistry in Britain magazine - placements and summer work

10 How to apply CV and Covering Letter – speculative applications and small companies. See science CV example On-line application form – big companies For help see Practice Science Interview


12 Postgraduate Study  TAUGHT Higher degrees by taught course & dissertation – MSc. Length: one calendar year (September - September)  RESEARCH PhD. Length: at least three years for PhD. Work independently to prepare a thesis  FUNDING Normally need 2:1 for research council bursary – fees paid, plus about £14,000 grant

13 Other points Check you campus emails regularly as I will send you emails on vacation work, careers talks, vacancies etc. Get actively involved in university life so you have evidence of teamwork, organising, leadership etc. skills for your CV. Apply early in your final year – closing dates are often in the first term.

14 Bruce Woodcock An adviser is on duty for short (15 minute) consultations in the Careers and Employability Service any weekday morning 10.30-12.30 or afternoon from 2 pm to 4 pm. You don't need an appointment to see the duty adviser at these times. Just ask at Careers Reception to see them. Email: Monday careers events and vacancy emails

15 Telephone: 01227 823299 Email: Drop-in times (no appointment needed): 10.30 to 12.30 & 2 to 4 pm

16 Moodle Careers Employability Award

17 Moodle Careers Employability Award  Assessed by a range of quizzes and assignments  Only 2% unemployment rate for students completing the award compared to 5% for other Kent students.  Will greatly improve your career planning and jobhunting skills, giving you strategies to make career choices and will increase your chances of getting a graduate level job.  Takes about 12 hours to complete  On completion you will get a University of Kent Careers Employability Award to add to your CV  Get 60 Kent Employability points for successful completion of the module.Kent Employability points 

18 Comments from students who have completed the award You get a really nice certificate! It was so easy, quick and I learned a lot. Without realising, you have finished the course and have already put together a very good CV and covering letter. It really blew my mind with some ideas I’ve never known before, such as portfolio working and working from home. I never thought about obtaining happiness from my work before. It would be mad to apply for a job or attend an interview without doing it! Before the course I had only a vague idea of my career path and opportunities. Now I am applying for summer internships and know how to effectively sell my skills to a prospective employer and have a much more focused plan for my future. The module is very, very useful! I really love how it makes you to think about your personality and helps you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. I found the module to be highly thought- provoking as it really encouraged me to consider how my degree will benefit my future and what I can be doing now to improve my graduate employment prospects. I enjoyed the depth of the module. It went far beyond some general tips on how to write a good CV and prepare for an interview. Rather it went in to detail about the whole process of graduate job search from the beginning to the end. It was very instructive. The amount of time put into this is astounding! I actually spoke to friends from other universities who said they wished they had something like this. It has made me feel a lot more confident when it comes to applications and interviews and has also made me think about skills that I didn't think I had before. I recently had a very successful interview largely because I put the advice on the module into practice.

19 The University of Kent Careers and Employability Service Forensic Science Careers You can download a copy of this presentation at

20 GET THREE YEARS HELP AFTER YOU GRADUATE FINAL YEAR STUDENTS AND POSTGRADUATES Through filling in our contact form at you’ll be entitled to three years of careers advice after graduation from the Careers and Employability Service at the University of Kent free of charge. We send regular Vacancy Emails which will give you job hunting tips and the latest vacancies. THE CAREERS AND EMPLOYABILITY SERVICE IS OPEN DURING THE EASTER VACATION

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