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Summarising Readings MIND MAPS

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1 Summarising Readings MIND MAPS


3 How to do a Mind Map Identify relationships
Draw quickly on unlined paper without pausing, judging or editing Write down key ideas (words, concepts...) Put main idea in the centre Leave lots of space

4 Mind mapping as a study skill
to understand & remember key issues follow 5 steps: skim read mind map study personalize

5 Skim the a_ _ _ _ _ _ _, t_ _ _ _ sentences,
in_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, conclusion, k_ _ headings or chapter headings observe any d_ _ _ _ _ _ _, pictures or g_ _ _ _ _ (overview, context, clues)

6 Skim the a b s t r a c t, t o p i c sentences,
int r o d u c t i o n, conclusion, k e y headings or chapter headings observe any d i a g r a m s, pictures or g r a p h s (overview, context, clues)

7 Read 1 Read the article in one sitting
(Chunk it into sections/chapters if it is a whole book) 2 Go over (read again, examine) any parts you are not quite sure of. 3 Look up the words you do not understand.

8 Mind Map Do it from memory at this stage!

9 Study First version: Study the first version:
showing areas you have understood showing areas you are not sure of Study the first version: discover the gaps in your knowledge refer back to the source material fill in any of these gaps

10 Personalise use colours & symbols comment and question:
relationships implications alternative approaches - usefulness personal experience - clarity

11 Using your mind map to help with learning:
address all the questions you have raised keep returning to your map with answers


13 Homework Create a mind map dealing with:
a) Three types of economic systems OR b) Three sectors of the economy c) Privatization

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