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4 Group Play: A selected Game Show Host will keep the scores of 3 individual players or 3 teams of players. Any team members can ring in. If the question is answered correctly the team member chooses the next category. If not, the individual who choose the last category chooses again. This game follows the general format of the Jeopardy TV Show.

5 Select any $ dollar amount on the Jeopardy board. You will have 10 seconds to ring in. When you hear this sound, time is up. Answer in the form of a question. If the answer is incorrect, another team member may ring in. Mouse click on a ? to reveal the correct answer. ADD dollar amount for each CORRECT answer. SUBTRACT dollar amount for each INCORRECT answer. Return to the Jeopardy Board by mouse clicking on After the last dollar amount is selected and the question is answered, mouse click on the FJ to select Final Jeopardy. Final Jeopardy: Click on the Final Jprdy box located in Potpourri box. Each team can confer on the amount of money to bet and can confer on the Final Jeopardy answer and arrive at a team response.

6 INTROTHINGSACTIONSPERSONS MORE THINGS POTPOURRI $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 Final Jprdy Final Jprdy

7 $100 Answer : To ensure the prompt resumption of the Data Center operations and/or functionality after an emergency or major system disruption impacting IT functionality of an application (database, subnet, or specialized application) ? What is the purpose of a Contingency Plan? INTRODUCTION

8 $200 Answer : ? INTRODUCTION 1. 1.Notification/Activation 2. 2.Recovery 3. 3.Resumption What are the three phases of a Contingency/Disaster recovery Plan?

9 $300 Answer : ? INTRODUCTION All Agency personnel, contractors, service providers, and vendors that provide daily support to the Agency Data Center operations. Who does the plan apply to?

10 $400 Answer : ? INTRODUCTION The external network and router infrastructure serving the Data Center other than to specify who to contact regarding any disruptions of network and router service to the Data Center. What does the Plan NOT apply to?

11 $500 Answer : ? INTRODUCTION Minor System Failure Major System Failure What two scenarios are mentioned in the plan?

12 $100 Answer : ? THINGS Notify this person if there is damage to the facility or there is a power outage. Who is The Data Center Building Point of Contact?

13 $200 Answer : ?. THINGS Frequency of the Plan testing and training. What is annually?

14 $300 Answer : ? THINGS Frequency of the Plans review and update. What is quarterly?

15 $400 Answer : ? THINGS Used to assist in collecting the information required for an accurate damage assessment. What is the Damage Assessment Report Form?

16 $500 Answer : ? HARDWARE, SOFTWARE, & APPLICATION INVENTORY list and the HARDWARE COMPONENT INVENTORY list. What do you need to perform an effective assessment?THINGS

17 $100 Answer : ? ACTIONS Assists in all recovery and resumption activities, as necessary and Files an after-action report upon resumption of normal operations What does the recovery team do?

18 $200 Answer : ? ACTIONS Use an alternate facility for recovery until the facility/building becomes available again What do you do when the Data Center facility is not going to be available for an extended period of time (e.g., one month)?

19 $300 Answer : ? ACTIONS Gathers the components required to reconstruct the Data Center or critical parts of the Data Center at the alternate site (i.e., the servers, infrastructure, backup media.) What does the recovery Team do if it is determined that recovery will need to be at an alternate site?

20 $400 Answer : ? ACTIONS The person who the recovery team contacts to request that the appropriate vendors be contacted to provide additional support and/or components required for recovery as needed. Who is the Agency administrative support person

21 $500 Answer : ? ACTIONS The report that briefly describes the events that led to Plan Implementation and how operations were returned to normal conditions. What is the After-Action Report?

22 $100 Answer : ? Has ultimate responsibility for ensuring the development, execution, testing and maintenance of the Data Center Plans and for activation of the Plans Who is the Disaster/Contingency Plan Director? PERSONS

23 $200 Answer : ? The Alternate Disaster/Contingency Plan Director Who is Captain Midnight? PERSONS

24 $300 Answer : ? The Data Center 1 Team Leads Who are Tinker, Evers, & Chance? PERSONS

25 $400 Answer : ? PERSONS The data Center 2 Team Leads Who are Jurgensen, Snead, & Baugh?

26 $500 Answer : ? Responsible for obtaining and restoring data from the Agency backup tapes/disks/facilities. Who is the recovery Team? PERSONS

27 $100 Answer : ? EVENTS Circumstances, events, or acts that could cause harm to the Data Center by destroying, disclosing, modifying, or denying access to Agencys information resources What are threats?

28 $200 Answer : ? EVENTS The Data Center physical facility has been physically damaged to an extent that requires major repair to the environment and has rendered the facility unusable for an extended period of time What is a major disaster?

29 $300 Answer : ? EVENTS Flood, earthquakes, lightning strikes, severe storms, hurricane, tornado, volcano What are Natural threats?

30 $400 Answer : ? EVENTS Fire, temperature, humidity, power loss, liquid leakage, loss of communication medium What are Environmental threats?

31 $500 Answer : ? EVENTS Accidental system damage, theft, eavesdropping, sabotage/vandalism, improper handling of sensitive information, resource misuse and abuse, social engineering, unauthorized external access, unauthorized internal access, terrorism, impersonation, falsified input, interception, bribery, hacking, unauthorized disclosure of information, fraud, intimidation of personnel, negligence or human error, spoofing, unauthorized modification of information, system tampering, blackmail, malicious/mobile code, and password guessing What are Human Threats?

32 $100 Answer : ? POTPOURRI What is the Notification/Activation Phase? 1.To detect and assess damage, 2.Activate the plan, and 3.Notify all key personnel

33 $200 Answer : ? POTPOURRI When recovering the Data Center or any part of the Data Center, the recovery procedures should follow a logical order. What are Recovery Priorities?

34 $300 Answer : ? POTPOURRI The data storage backups are kept here. What are the Data Center 1 and Data Center 2?

35 $400 Answer : ? POTPOURRI What is the Reconstitution/Resumption Phase? The phase which constitutes the activities necessary to restore the Data Center operations to its original long term processing state.

36 $500 Answer : ? POTPOURRI Person that insures that information system security is maintained. Who is the Agency ISSO?





41 The person (Title and Name) that is responsible for coordinating the recovery team.

42 Who is the recovery team Lead? Who is Superman?



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