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Barracuda Web Filter Overview March 26, 2008 Alan Pearson, Monroe County School District Marcus Burge, Network Engineer.

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1 Barracuda Web Filter Overview March 26, 2008 Alan Pearson, Monroe County School District Marcus Burge, Network Engineer

2 2 Barracuda Web Filter  Complete protection of client PCs  57 Category Content Filtering  Spyware Download Blocking  Virus Download Blocking  Spyware Phone Home Blocking  Spyware Removal  P2P Blocking  Skype Blocking

3 3 Advanced Content Filtering Controls  Internet usage policy controls  Content Filter (category)‏  Application blocking  URL blocking (domain and pattern)‏  MIME type blocking  Image safe search  Time-based controls  Daily time ranges  Customizable user and group policies  Guest users versus authenticated users  User and group policy exceptions  LDAP and Windows Domain Controller integration

4 4 Spyware Protection Preventative, reactive and proactive measures  Blocks access to known spyware sites  Stops spyware & virus downloads  Including drive-by downloads that are unknown to the user often through ActiveX  Blocks.CAB,.OCX,.EXE and.DLL files 1.Detects & blocks spyware access to the Internet  Finds and blocks existing spyware installations 2.Facilitates spyware removal  Informs Administrator of infected machines and infection type 3.Removes spyware from previously infected computers  Includes Spyware Removal Tool packaged as ActiveX control for Windows computers

5 5 Barracuda Web Filter Detailed Features  Network Threat Protection  Spyware Site Blocking  Spyware Download Blocking  Dual-Layer Virus Protection  Detection of Infection Activity  Spyware Protocol Blocking  Spyware Removal  Remove Spyware from Windows Computers  ActiveX Control  Administration Features  Web-Based Interface  Statistical Reports  Comprehensive Logging  Secure Remote Administration  Content Filtering  Category Filtering  URL Filtering  Image Safe Search  File Type Blocking  Application Blocking  IM Blocking  Internet Application Blocking  IP and Port Blocking  Advanced Policy Creation  Default Guest and User Policies  User and Group Policy Exceptions  LDAP Directory Server Integration  Windows Domain Controller Integration  Local Users and Groups  Network IP Address Policies  Time-of-day Policies

6 Architecture Overview

7 7 Barracuda Web Filter Model Comparison

8 HTTPS (SSL) Content Filtering  Uses DNS  No certificates or agents to install on clients 8

9 Open Proxies  Open proxies are typically unsecured public methods of forwarding Web traffic – used by students and employees in an attempt to bypass content filtering methods  Hundreds of new open proxies are made available every day  The Barracuda Web Filter utilizes a variety of methods to identify, block and deny access to open proxies  The BWF looks for traffic patterns that are likely to be proxy usage and blocks this type of traffic (through Application Blocking)‏  Blocks IP addresses of positively identified P2P proxy clients, such as TOR nodes (‏ 9

10 In-line deployments 10  Support for unobtrusive audit mode  User activity logging without changing Internet usage experience

11 WCCP for Enterprise Deployments  Support for WCCP (Web cache communication protocol)‏  Enterprise configuration option for networks with Cisco infrastructure  Does not require Web Filter to sit in-line  Does not require changes to end user Web browsers  Router redirects flow to a Web Filter (or cluster of Web Filters)‏  Built-in load balancing for clusters  Fails safe – router passes traffic if cluster is not available 11

12 12 Barracuda Spyware Removal Tool Removes spyware from previously infected Windows computersRemoves spyware from previously infected Windows computers Packaged as an ActiveX downloadPackaged as an ActiveX download Updated through Energize UpdatesUpdated through Energize Updates Will be updated for Windows VistaWill be updated for Windows Vista

13 Barracuda Web Filter  Increasing the feature set  3.1.0  Advanced LDAP Support, Soft Block  3.1.5  Skype control, FTP Proxy, Audit mode  3.2  Comprehensive Reporting, WCCP  3.3  HTTPS, Custom Categories, P2P/application control, Dashboard  3.4+  Performance enhancements, Increased e-Directory integration, Desktop/Remote client, Unified multi-site administration

14 Web Filter 3.3  HTTPS Content Filtering (via dns)  Custom Content Categories  Increased P2P/application control  New Dashboard  Time-based Quotas, Policies, and Reporting

15 Time-based Quotas  Set time limits (quotas) on policy  i.e. Limit teachers to 20 minutes of online shopping per day  Report on user/group time-based usage

16 3.4 and Beyond  Unified management portal  Useful for remotely management multiple Web Filters/appliances in different sites  Enhanced e-Directory integration  Similar to our Windows DC Agent approach for Novell services  Desktop/remote client  Solves the “remote user problem”  Resolves Terminal Services issues or desktops with multiple users  Public IM logging/filtering  Log and store client’s public IM traffic  Integrate IM policy

17 Administration Interface Demonstration login: guest password: guest

18 Q & A

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