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Procurement Procedure and Preparation of Procurement Plan with reference to Karnataka.

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1 Procurement Procedure and Preparation of Procurement Plan with reference to Karnataka

2 2 PROCUREMENT Procurement Plan prepared regularly and uploaded in SSA’s website as per Para 113 of the Manual.Procurement Plan Strictly followed financial ceiling prescribed for each method.

3 3 E-procurement KARNATAKA has adopted e-procurement system.

4 4 Objectives of E-procurement  Effective procurement  Enhanced transparency & confidentiality  Ease to access  More participation  Creating more competition  Quality in providing services in an efficient and cost effective way.  Software to handle entire end-to-end process.

5 5 Pre-requisites for e-procurement  A broad band internet connection  Digital signature certificate  Internet explorer 6.0 or above.  A valid e-mail account with enough space to receive e-mail.  Winzip installed on system to compress large files.

6 6 1.Open Tender (Para 115-117 of the Manual) 2.Limited Tender (Para 118 of the Manual) 3.Single Tender (Para 119 of the Manual) 4.Procurement without tender / quotation (Para 120 of the Manual) 5.Procurement through communities (Para 121 of the Manual) Method of Procurement

7 7 OPEN TENDER  Items covered:  Civil works - Construction of BRC, Hostel, KGBV, SIEMAT and goods.  Steps;  Preparation of tender documents and upload in the e-plat form;  Notification / Advertisement;  Tender documents can be downloaded;  Submission of documents electronically;  Public opening of tender electronically;  Evaluation;  Selection of lowest evaluated responsive tender based on post qualification;  Negotiation with L- 1 (if necessary)  Contract award; and  Contract performance

8 8  Tender documents are ;  User friendly, Self contained, Comprehensive, Unambiguous and relevant to the objectives of purchase.  Schedule of requirements  Bid form and price schedule  Technical specifications  Post qualification criteria  Validity period  Earnest Money Deposits are submitted electronically  Signing of bids  Pre-bid conference  Submission of bids electronically  Opening of bids  Evaluation criteria

9 9  Negotiation with L1  Award of contract  Signing of agreement/contract  Security deposit  Retention money  Payment terms  Liquidated damages Repeat Orders  Quantity as per State procedure – in Karnataka 25% of original quantity ordered  Within one month from the date of last supply  Prices have since not reduced  Purchases not made on urgent basis Rejection of all bids  Lack of competition  Tenders not substantially responsive  Obtain the approval of competent authority

10 10 LIMITED TENDER Items covered:  Goods including Books, Uniforms  Teaching Learning Materials,  School Equipment,  Hiring of vehicles and  Operation and maintenance of equipment  Invitation for quotations –  Quotation are invited electronically from several suppliers.  In the quotation, brief description, specifications and quantity of the goods as well as desired delivery time and place are clearly mentioned.

11 11 SINGLE TENDER  Followed in the case of  Articles specifically certified as of propriety nature; or  manufactured by a particular firm;  Goods including books;  Teaching materials;  Hiring of vehicles and  Operation and maintenance of equipment etc  Appropriate for  Extension of existing contracts  Standard equipment/spare parts for existing equipments from Manufacturer/Supplier.  Items obtainable from one source  Early delivery  In exceptional cases such as natural disaster.  Rate contracts of DGS & D and Rate contracts of State Governments are appropriate method under single tender system.

12 12 WITHOUT TENDER / QUOTATION  Procurement of goods or group of goods estimated to cost the equivalent of the ceiling of State Govt.  Suitable guidelines are issued by the SIS. THROUGH COMMUNITIES All civil works except, BRC, Hostel, KGBV and SIEMAT Simple procurement guidelines are issued to all SDMCs.

13 13 Procurement of major items  Textbooks – Karnataka Text Book Society supplied text books by following Open Tender system.  IT Equipment – Open Tender with e-procurement procedure  Printing work – Limited Tender and Open Tender – e- procurement procedure

14 14 Service Contract  Preparation of Terms of Reference  Preparation of Cost Estimate and Budget  Advertising  Procurement through e-procurement  Receipt of proposals electronically  Preparation of short list of consultants  Formation of Evaluation Committee  Evaluation of Technical and Financial proposals  Final discussions including negotiations and award of the contract

15 15 Non-Government Organizations  Preparation of Terms of Reference  Advertising  Formation of Evaluation Committee  Selection of NGOs  Approval by Grant-in-Aid Committee

16 16

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