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Amsterdam October 4, 1998 Computer Art Chyle Serrano VAN GOGH’S ART MUSEUM.

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1 Amsterdam October 4, 1998 Computer Art Chyle Serrano VAN GOGH’S ART MUSEUM

2 VAN GOGH AND HIS WORK The artwork in the museum was all made by Van Gogh himself. One of his most famous quote’s is “I want to get to the point where people say of my work that man feels deeply.” - Letter to his brother Theo, 21 July 1882. Van Gogh was born in a small village of Zundert, which is south of Holland, in the year 1853. When he grew older he tried different jobs suck as an art dealer, a teacher, and a clergy man, however they were all unsuccessful attempts. Van Gogh’s first ambition was that he wanted to be a figure painter. To prepare for it, he had painted more than 40 different peasant heads. In this picture Van Gogh had painted these paintings in Paris from 1886-1888. During his time in Paris he made 28 different self portraits.

3 VAN GOGH’S FAMOUS WORKS One of his famous Artworks is Pieta which was when he had many seizures and he confined himself indoors in a mental hospital. Pieta was one of his old masters that the admired. This is only one of the pictures that he painted of his old masters, the others were Millet, Rembrandt, and Delacroix. Pieta was his master after Delacroix. Another famous artwork is The Potato Eaters. What Van Gogh said about his painting is “ The point is that I have tried to bring out the idea that these people eating potatoes by the light of their lamp have dug the earth with the self-same hands they are now putting into the dish, and it thus suggests manual labor and -- a meal honestly earned.”

4 JAPANESE ART INFLUENCE One of Van Gogh’s art source is the inspiration he had explored in Paris, where Japonism was fashionable. What he admired was the Japanese woodblock prints. He really admired the bold designs, the intense hues, and the flat areas of un-modulated color. In his inspiration of the Japanese Art Work he made a painting called The Courtesan. Which was a direct copy from Japanese prints, which accentuated their color contrast. The Artwork was copied from a woodcut reproduced on a Magazine cover. Van Gogh reworked the pattern on the Kimono and intensified its colors. He also added the Landscape of bamboo stalks and the water lilies which Was also inspired by other Japanese Prints.

5 REFLECTION I personally liked the Van Gogh Museum because of all the fascinating paintings and how they all basically explain his life in one big story. Van Gogh to me seems like a person who would be very anti-social, due to him going insane and locking himself in an insane asylum. Many people who are very anti-social or just doesn’t like people can become alone too much and they go mad. Anyways, Van Gogh was a really good artist and his explanation on finding a Japanese type of painting in Paris. Basically finding a Japan person in a French country. Van Gogh is a very famous and good artist and I hope to visit his museum one day.

6 THE END OF THE VAN GOGH MUSEUM PPT. The Van Gogh Museum Website:

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