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Middle School Career Exploration

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1 Middle School Career Exploration

2 House Bill 5: Implications for Career Counselors
Students, on entering 9th grade, indicates in writing an endorsement that the student intends to earn. Five key endorsement areas were selected and look very similar to our work in Naviance.

3 High School Graduation Endorsements
Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Health Science; STEM Business and Industry Manufacturing; Marketing; Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Advanced Broadcast Journalism Newspaper Public Speaking Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources; Architecture & Construction; Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications; Business Management & Administration; Finance; Hospitality & Tourism; Information Technology;

4 High School Graduation Endorsements (cont.)
Public Services Education & Training; Government & Public Administration; Human Services; Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security JRTOC Multidisciplinary Studies advanced courses that prepare students to enter workforce from within one endorsement area Foundation credits AP courses Arts & Humanities Fine Arts; AP SS; Foreign Language;

5 Naviance: The tool belt every Career Counselor should wear.
Career Key for 8th grade Explore Career Clusters Road Trip Nation Middle School Surveys

6 Naviance: Cluster Finder

7 Naviance: Cluster Finder

8 Naviance: Career Key

9 Naviance: Roadtrip Nation

10 Naviance: Surveys

11 Creating a Pathway to Success
Showcase Panel: Andrew Lebman, Revere Sharvett Mallard, Dowling Felina Heart, Johnston

12 Best Practices from people in the trenches
Revere Middle School: Innovation at its best! Dowling Middle School: Giving context to Career Key results. Johnston Middle School: Making connections to future goals.

13 Lots of great ideas to share!
District Naviance goals Readistep Interpretation Ramp Up to Readiness Career Exploration Worksheet Scavenger Hunt Writing on the Wall Chalk It Up Texas Reality Check Freshman Mentors High School Super Match

14 Naviance Grade-Level Goals

15 Readistep

16 Ramp Up to Readiness Lessons

17 Career Exploration Worksheet

18 Scavenger Hunt Worksheet

19 Writing on the Wall

20 Chalk it Up

21 Texas Reality Check

22 Freshman Mentors

23 High School Super Match

24 Q&A Not only your questions but also your ideas on implementation of work being done on your campus!

25 Reflecting on the past…..

26 CTE Resources

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