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Vision: That all South Carolina hospitals deliver safe, high quality health care to each patient, every time Mission: To establish a culture of continuous.

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2 Vision: That all South Carolina hospitals deliver safe, high quality health care to each patient, every time Mission: To establish a culture of continuous improvement in quality and safety across all hospitals statewide

3 Key Partnership Goals Collaborative organizational culture of safety System-wide quality improvement framework Patient care environment built on active learning, open communication & teamwork Focus on transparency & public awareness Strategic partnering w/ other key stakeholders Leadership in the areas of advocacy/public policy

4 Patient-Centered Care What is the ultimate we believe our hospital can and should accomplish to dramatically improve the safety and quality of our care and the health of the patients we serve?

5 Key Partnership Initiatives mySChospital Public Reporting Site Leadership of 5M Lives Campaign in SC SC Heart Care Quality Alliance Universal Medication Form toolkit ISO 9000 Pharmacy QM Project

6 Key Partnership Initiatives MRSA Prevention Learning Network HIDA Committee participation/support LifePoint Organ/Tissue Donor Collaborative Pressure Ulcer Prevention project Inpatient Diabetes Management project

7 Why a quality reporting website?

8 Escalating health care costs with double digit insurance premium increases Employers are concerned about their ability to provide health care benefits with the economic slowdown Employers are looking at benefit plan designs that will encourage consumerism. Information savvy consumers Reports of less than optimal safety and quality practices

9 will Provide purchasers with information on quality Provide information to consumers to facilitate their choice of providers Provide information to hospitals for quality improvement

10 Why now?

11 Maturation of improvement principles and practices Emergence of evidence based practices Consensus on a set of priority quality measures

12 Public Quality Reporting System Public Quality Reporting System mySChospital SC-specific quality reporting site Built on Wisconsin CheckPoint system Phase I reporting of existing publicly reported core measures Access to SC-specific data through CCME 100% Voluntary hospital participation

13 Advantages of mySChospital Control the information & shape the message Publicly demonstrate high quality to attract new business Enhance quality of care through benchmarking and collaboration Provide education & promote evidence based medicine

14 Advantages of mySChospital Minimize conflicting information through a single source of information Encourage an alternative model to decrease regulatory and compliance-driven reporting Enhance trust in hospitals through a proactive response

15 Information on mySChospital is: Composed of evidence-based measures Comparable across similar hospitals Capable of benchmarking Available in a timely manner

16 Information on mySChospital is: Capable of instilling confidence in consumers (reliable and valid, easy to understand) Readily accessible to consumers for selection purposes Available to hospitals for quality improvement activities

17 Measures Acute Myocardial Infarction Aspirin at arrival Aspirin at discharge ACEI or ARB for LVSD Beta blocker at arrival Beta blocker at discharge Smoking cessation counseling PCI < 90 minutes Throm Med < 30 minutes AMI Optimal Care Measure

18 Measures Pneumonia Oxygenation assessment within 24 hours of hospital arrival Pneumococcal vaccination Initial antibiotic received within 4 hours of hospital arrival Smoking cessation counseling Initial antibiotics within 24 hours Blood Cultures ER Blood Culture < 24 hours Flu Vaccination Pneumonia Optimal Care Measure

19 Measures Heart Failure LVF assessment ACEI or ARB for LVSD Smoking cessation counseling Discharge Instructions HF Optimal Care Measure

20 Measures Surgical Infection Prevention (all surgeries by type) Prophylactic antibiotic received within 1 hour prior to surgical incision Prophylactic antibiotic discontinued within 24 hours after surgery end time Prophylactic antibiotics recommended for surgical site procedure SIP (1-3) Optimal Care Measure

21 The mySChospital website if an important resource, but not the only resource While all hospitals on mySChospital website use the same categories for reporting purposes, they don’t all provide the same types of care. The health care services a hospital provides reflect the needs of its community mySChospital is just one source of information and others are available and should be consulted before drawing conclusions about the care at any one hospital mySChospital is a dynamic information portal; more information will be added in the future

22 mySChospital is part of SCHA’s every Patient Counts statewide initiative to advance patient safety and healthcare quality Everyone recognizes the need for change in America’s healthcare system. South Carolina’s hospitals have chosen a proactive course of change. Together with SCHA, hospitals are working with other partners in business, government, insurance, and the private sector to improve patient safety and healthcare quality in our state. mySChospital is just one of the many initiatives underway by SCHA and its member hospitals to assure the best care is delivered to all patients.

23 The SC Partnership to Advance Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare “Together, we can make health care better and safer for everyone, not because someone else says we have to, but because it is the right thing for each of us to do”

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