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The Tie That Binds or The Rope That Hangs

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2 The Tie That Binds or The Rope That Hangs
The New Tolerance The Tie That Binds or The Rope That Hangs from Josh McDowell

3 An Absolute or Universal Truth is binding:
On all people In all places For all time

4 The one universal today is Tolerance
Tolerance used to mean to put up with something not particularly liked Tolerance now means to ‘embrace’ Called ‘positive’ tolerance In the absence of absolute truth, power is all that remains. Nietzsche

5 This kind of Tolerance is rooted in Multiculturalism
All Truth is relative All Belief Systems are Equal All Claims to Truth are Equal All Lifestyles are Equal Recent news from Europe talks about the total failure of multiculturalism. Leaders from England, France and Germany speak of how multiculturalism has ruined their countries.

6 Cultural Relativity Each individual must determine what is right and what is wrong for themselves, then they must not impose those values on anyone else, they must be tolerant and allow others to live out their own values.

7 Is the New Tolerance Tolerant?
Do they teach you to be tolerant of the intolerant? If you are to be tolerant only of the tolerant and you have permission to be intolerant of the intolerant then tolerance is not a universal! No!

8 The One Universal To claim that there is a truth superior to all others, one becomes: Intolerant Bigoted Anti-multiculturalism A cultural imperialist

9 The Closing of the American Mind
by Allen Bloom “Almost every single student entering the universities adhered to the concept that all truth is relative to your situation, personal taste or cultural choice.” Education in the 60s & 70s was to be “values free and morally neutral” Supreme Court said “Every individual must decide the value of human life for them self”

10 1. No Absolute Truth – 100% agreement 2. Underlying sense of rage
42 Youth Leaders gathered w/ 675 years of youth work experience picked the top three problems today: 1. No Absolute Truth – 100% agreement 2. Underlying sense of rage 3. Breakup of the family

11 3750 Church Kids Within the past 3 months:
66% lied to parent or teacher 59% lied to peers 36% cheated on exams 20% tried to physically hurt someone 23% tried to emotionally hurt someone 16% watched a pornographic movie 5% tried to commit suicide 55% were confused about life 50% were stressed out 46% were always tired

12 3750 Church Kids These teens claim:
86% Born again and had a relationship w/ God 82% attend services weekly 79% weekly Sunday school 42% weekly Bible study 65% pray daily 72% home with both mom & dad 62% home is secure & loving

13 #1 Problem Lack of belief in and adherence to Biblical absolutes, i.e. - Absolute Truth 57% said there is no as absolute truth 45% everything in life is negotiable “everyone did what is right in there own eyes” Judges

14 3750 Church Kids If teens have the #1 problem they are:
36% more likely to lie 48% more likely to cheat 65% more likely to mistrust people 2x more likely to intentionally hurt someone 2x more likely to be angry with life 2x more likely to be resentful 3x more likely to use illegal drugs 6x more likely to attempt suicide

15 Postmodernism and Science
“Anybody who claims to have objective knowledge about anything is trying to control and dominate the rest of us.” Matt Cartmill “Oppressed by Evolution” Discover, March 1998, p.78

16 Postmodernism and Science
“Postmodernism portrays evolutionary theory as nothing more than a sexist and racist storyline created by western white men.” Barbara Ehrenreich and Janet McIntosh “Biology Under Attack” The Nation, June 9, 1997, p.13

17 So what is the answer? Get to know the Creator for yourself
Be sure you know Biblical values. Be sure you live Biblical values. Train up a child in the way he should go. Instill Biblical values, repeatedly! Live it!

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