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Apprenticeships Starter pack. 2 | Presentation title Hands up if you think you know what an Apprenticeship is...

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1 Apprenticeships Starter pack

2 2 | Presentation title Hands up if you think you know what an Apprenticeship is...

3 3 | Presentation title Watch this film to get an overview of Apprenticeships 0

4 4 | Presentation title An Apprenticeship is a way for young people to earn while they learn in a real job, gaining a real qualification and a real future

5 5 | Presentation title The benefits are… Earn a salary Learn job specific skills Gain a variety of transferable skills Work towards nationally recognised qualifications Progress into higher education Advance in your chosen career

6 6 | Presentation title Guess who? 00/00/2013 Can you name the following people and guess what they started their career as?

7 7 | Presentation title Do you know… How many different kind of job roles and industries you find Apprenticeships in? How many people started an Apprenticeship in the last academic year?

8 8 | Presentation title Level of Apprenticeships Different levels of Apprenticeship available Plus knowledge, competence, and employability skills Intermediate Apprenticeship Advanced Apprenticeship Higher Apprenticeship Level 2 12-18 months Equivalent to 5 GCSEs A* - C Level 3 18-48 months Equivalent to 2 A-levels Levels 4,5,6,7 24 months+ Equivalent to foundation degree level+

9 9 | Presentation title Progression 0 Intermediate Apprenticeship Level 2 Advanced Apprenticeship Level 3 Higher Apprenticeship Level’s 4-7 Entry Points Professional Status THE SKY’S THE LIMIT Your GCSEs, A-Levels…

10 10 | Presentation title Apprenticeship Levels in the Food and drink industry Duration of Apprenticeship - months Intermediate Level (Level 2) Advanced Level (Level 3) Higher Level (Level 4 and above) School cook Chef General Manager (Food Operations)

11 11 | Presentation title Duration of Apprenticeship - months Intermediate Level (Level 2) Advanced Level (Level 3) Higher Level (Level 4 and above) Helpdesk Professional Network Engineer IT Service Manager Apprenticeship Levels in the IT Sector

12 12 | Presentation title What are employers looking for? 00/00/2013

13 13 | Presentation title Case study Shane Trevitt 00/00/2013 Left school aged 16 with GCSEs Enrolled on plumbing course at local college Applied for Advanced Apprenticeship in Plumbing and Heating with Entered WorldSkills Now NG Bailey’s youngest Supervisor, Shane has enrolled on a Higher Apprenticeship in Construction and the Built Environment

14 14 | Presentation title What goes into an Apprenticeship

15 Kerri Kerri, facemediagroup Customer services administrator I think apprenticeships are brilliant. They’re a chance to take a leap into the real world. I’m dealing with real- life customers and situations all the time, answering calls and emails, checking deliveries, advising customers and interacting with them. It’s all about learning and moving forward, and I’m getting everything I need to move onto the next step. 00/00/2012

16 16 | Presentation title What training will I have? Your Apprenticeship will cover both hands on experience and training in all other aspects of the job. Your employer provides your ‘on the job’ training and pays your wages. The remainder of your learning is delivered by a College or Training Provider either at their premises, at the work place or via e-learning You will be assessed in the workplace by your College or Training provider

17 17 | Presentation title What about higher education? Apprenticeships go up to degree level and beyond –Level 4 (Certificate of Higher Education) –Level 5 (Foundation Degree) –Level 6 (Bachelor’s Degree) –Level 7 (Master’s Degree) 00/00/2013

18 18 | Presentation title How do I apply for an Apprenticeship? 00/00/2013

19 Apprenticeship vacancies

20 20 | Presentation title Apprenticeship vacancies Follow the following 5 easy steps to get started: 1.Log on to 2.Click ‘Search for vacancies’, start searching. You can search using keywords, job role or postcode 3.Click ‘Register now’ under ‘New User?’ fill in your details and create your username and password 4.You’ll get a confirmation email, click the link in the email to activate your account 5.You’re ready to go, search for Apprenticeships that take your fancy and use the reusable application form. Set alerts so you’ll get an email or text for any relevant new vacancies. 00/00/2013

21 21 | Presentation title Applying for an Apprenticeship You can also download the free smartphone app ‘AV Search’

22 22 | Presentation title

23 23 | Presentation title Summary You can now: Discover and explore all about Apprenticeships – to be an apprentice yourself! 00/00/2013

24 Any Questions?

25 Further information 00/00/2012

26 26 | Presentation title Apprenticeships in Numbers 2012/13 **********people started an Apprenticeship in England in 2012/13 of which 5,110 were in Wiltshire. Of them ********** were 16-18 years old, 165,500 were between ********** and 230,000 were over the age of 25. There were just over ********** vacancies posted on Apprenticeship vacancies (Av). This is an increase of ********** on last year’s vacancies. Nearly ********** of the vacancies posted on Av were Advanced level Apprenticeships, ********** were Higher level apprenticeships and 83% were Intermediate level Apprenticeships. The number of candidates registered on the system in the last academic year was ********** (a 10% increase on the previous year). In total ********** applications were made. 00/00/2013

27 Nana Nana, Anthony Vrahimis Design Consultancy Production assistant It’s real hands-on experience here, learning skills in a working environment. Having the chance to oversee some tasks has helped me develop my managerial skills, too. It’s given me the ability to manage my own time wisely to reach targets and deadlines. It’s all good preparation for what I want to do next: set up my own business. 00/00/2012

28 Shane Shane, BT Operate IT technician University never appealed to me, so after I finished school I joined BT as an apprentice IT technician. While I was on the course, BT paid for me to study for a foundation degree. And I’ve had some amazing experiences, like building a medical centre in Peru and a school in Ecuador, and presenting in front of 200 people. I’ve got loads more confidence now, and it’s all down to the support and respect everyone in the company has shown me. It’s been the making of me. 00/00/2012

29 Miles Miles, Bentley Motors Junior engineer Since I started working at Bentley I’ve done placements in different departments so the work is always varied. I chose to do an Apprenticeship because it means that while I’m studying towards a foundation degree at college, I also get paid and get hands-on experience. I’ve always been interested in cars so where better to train than Bentley? 00/00/2012

30 Josh Josh, Universal Race Technology A composite laminator I’ve always been interested in motorsport, and I’ve been part of some great projects here. I’ve been at URT for five years now, and this is where I want to stay. The support I’ve had, the jobs I’ve worked on and the responsibilities I’ve taken on – they’re all helping me towards a supervisory role in the company and, hopefully, a long, promising future here. 00/00/2012

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