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Senior exit interview By: Eduardo Salas.

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1 Senior exit interview By: Eduardo Salas

2 About me Born and raised in Lindsay, Ca Oldest of 2 Bike riding (BMX)
“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath then you'll be successful” – Erik Thomas

3 Senior project Journal Entries Job Shadow Visual Representation

4 Journals Journal Number 1 -Determined senior Journal Number 4
-Time is Flying Journal Number 6 -Going to miss high school

5 Visual Representation

6 Job Shadow Mark Felix Car audio technician Electrical car installation
College is required Salary about 30-40k

7 After High School

8 Plan #1 Community College Major: Professional Welder
Community College courses for certification

9 Plan #2 San Joaquin Valley College Major: Pharmacy Technician
-Any near by pharmacy

10 Any Questions ?

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