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Walker Evans By: Haley Rudolph Walker Evans By: Haley Rudolph.

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1 Walker Evans By: Haley Rudolph Walker Evans By: Haley Rudolph

2 Born in St. Louis Missouri on November 3 rd,1903. Died April 10 th, 1975 He graduated from Phillips Academy Spent one year studying French at Williams College Evans took up photography in 1928 Walker studied American culture which reflects in his photos. He was best known for his work in Farm Security Administration which he documented the affects of the Great Depression

3 Cabin where Allie and her family lived Taken 1936 in Hale County, Alabama

4 Allie Mae Burroughs> symbol of the Great Depression Wife of a tenant farmer During great depression

5 Main street, Saratoga Springs, New York Taken in 1931

6 Street scene in Vicksburg, Mississippi Taken in 1936

7 Couple at Coney Island, New York Taken in 1928

8 All of Walker Evans photos are with natural light. This is because he photographed people and places having to a lot with the Great Depression. Photo one is of a cabin of a family living through the great depression. This is natural lighting like I said all his photos are, it shows how they are living which as you can see it’s not good conditions. The second photo is of Allie she is the mother who lives in the cabin. Her face shows heartache and all the hard work she has had to do. I feel Evans chose this photo because he wanted people to know what was going on. I choose this photo because it was one of the ones he is known for. The third photo is using natural lighting, its off to the side so he used rule of thirds. This photo shows how society looked perfect from the outside but there was a lot of poverty going on. The fourth one is two old men outside a store. In this photo you can see how much a hair cut was, which it was 25 cents which was considered probably pricey, where as to now a days it cost up 40 bucks. This shows how the economy changed. To me this is the cutest one, he used selective focus on the couple. Which shows how the looked happy together. This could represent that even people in the great depression people could enjoy each others company. It’s a good thing he took some pictures of something good, so that way his viewers could see that there was a good side to the great depression.

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