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Lab Report Improvements

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1 Lab Report Improvements

2 MacromoleculesProtein studied here
An enzyme is a TYPE of protein An enzyme speeds up chemical reactions: name for that? A Catalyst Catalase= the SPECIFIC enzyme we studied Catalyst is not the same as Catalase Yeast is NOT an Enzyme, Human is Not an Enzyme (Yeast is an Organism)

3 Improvements Needed Title: Should be specific to your experiment
Poor Example: Enzyme Reactivity Wonderful Example: Catalase Reaction Rate with Substrate Hydrogen Peroxide

4 Hypothesis HYPOTHESIS in terms of the CLASS experiment:
If we test a range of temperatures, then the most optimal for a high reaction rate will be… We are NOT “feeding” Yeast  that was the cellular respiration lab We are combining an enzyme (Catalase) with the substrate (hydrogen peroxide) at the active site measuring the rate of reaction at different temperatures

5 Data Scatterplot Data points NOT connected Trend line?

6 What are the scientific principles?
Not just definition Enzyme: What was it in our experiment? Substrate: What was it? Describe all terms in relation to OUR experiment did not test pH

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