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Media Radio Production Evaluation Charlotte Price.

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1 Media Radio Production Evaluation Charlotte Price

2 In what ways does the media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Before we started the project we carried out some research on other radio stations including Signal 1 and Capital FM. We wanted to gain knowledge of how the shows were structured in terms of sequence of stories and the way in which they engaged their target audience. We felt that in order to make our radio show successful we needed to understand the forms and conventions of a real media product. After much textual analysis we gathered information about the structure of the radio, editing, use of jingles and music beds all of which are needed to create a realistic radio show. After reviewing these important points made beforehand we decided to have two main presenters which were Katie and Lauren. We felt that these team members had the strongest of voices to carry out this position within the radio. We also felt that as our team members were all female we needed to break this formality by asking another male team member to participate in being the National News Reporter. We then also used Katie as the social news reporter who also provided an interview with two members from a local band. This then followed on to the Local News Reporter and Weather which was presented by me.

3 Lastly we had a sports section presented by Lauren as we found that in our research most radio shows included this. The fact that we used a variety of voices suggests we used the conventions of a real radio show. Furthermore this meaning that it was overall more successful than just having all female voices. As well as other radio stations we started with the national story first which was about the death of Nelson Mandela. We added Vox Pops to this story as we felt there may have been mixed opinions on his work. This worked well as it changed from the male voice to Katie who asked the question. We then kept the show quite formal for the news reports, weather and sport as we felt that this was similar to radio shows we had looked at previously. However it then becomes informal during the interview with the band members. We felt this suited the target audience making it more engaging for the younger listeners.

4 How does your media product represent particular social groups? We wanted to engage a target audience similar to ourselves in the team. We felt that our show was aimed at young adults who may be in education. We have narrowed our audience down to 15-25 year olds as we felt this was most suitable. We felt that this way we could easily relate ourselves to the audience allowing us to create an exciting radio show. We focused on the area within Staffordshire and Cheshire so we were able to provide local news and weather efficiently. The local events section was purposely designed for our listeners in these areas as they have access to the places in which the band we interviewed will be playing. Overall the music beds and jingles we have chosen are evidence to support our target audience for this show. We found that this was reflected when we asked people to listen to our show.

5 What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? A media institution involves a profit based organisation which involves the creation and distribution of information services, advertising and entertainment. Looking at our own media product we first decided the show would be commercial. We felt this was most suitable as we found ourselves advertising a gig for a local band. However as we went further into the project we realised that we actually are a variation in types of radio shows. As well as advertising we also provided a local public service. We began more research into radios similar to this and found that BBC Radio Stoke was the best fitted to our show. We reviewed the show and found similarities including the Nelson Mandela story and the Vox Pops from the local college. During our news stories, weather and sport we kept our tone very formal in that we wanted to come across professional. This is similar to BBC Radio Stoke however we do become less formal in the interview which is more relaxed and casual.

6 What would be the audience for your media product? In order to finalise our audience for the media product we created a questionnaire to collect information from people currently studying at college and university or who have recently gone into a workplace. This enabled us to choose an ideal audience type for our radio show. Our target audience for this media product are 15-25 year olds including both males and females. They will be living in the local area within Staffordshire and Cheshire allowing them to have access to the show. In order to engage the audience we purposely chose a band with an age that fitted into to our target for the interview. Our audience will have an interest in music which allows them to connect to our radio show. They will also enjoy going to gigs and socialising with friends which could be seen as the stereotypical ‘student’.

7 How did you attract/address your audience? In order to attract our audience we carried out numerous research on radios with a similar audience to which we wanted. We found that this helped us a lot to start off with and encouraged us further when finally recording. We wanted the show to be in the correct formality within the different sections, for example keeping the news stories and weather very formal due to their high importance. However the show then became more relaxed during the interview which we felt engaged the audience by asking questions the listeners may want to know the answer to. By telling the audience about local events in the area made the show more exciting and better to listen to overall.

8 What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? Over the course of the project I have learnt many new skills about the technologies involving the creation of the radio show. This has been my first time recording using a studio and I felt that I did well in using the equipment successfully. We then spent a lot of time editing the show down to a certain amount of time. Already having experience with this technology I found it easiest to use allowing our radio show to sound professional for our listeners. Overall I have gained new skills and techniques when using technology to create a radio show suitable for a specific target audience.

9 Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? Overall I feel I have learnt a lot about the skills and techniques required in both the preliminary task and the final product. I have learnt that communication is important in order to fully succeed throughout the progression to the full product. Listening to other team members and sharing valuable advice allowed me to work well within this team creating a positive working environment.

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