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James Madison Chuck Hill, Dayja Parrish, and Keaira Tabb.

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1 James Madison Chuck Hill, Dayja Parrish, and Keaira Tabb

2 James Madison, who full names is James Madison Jr., was born on March 16, 1751. His place of birth was Port Conway, Virginia. Later in his life, he gained the nickname “Father of the Constitution. Date of Birth

3 ●born in Port Conway, VA ●Belle Grove plantation ●grew up in Orange County, Virginia James Madison Home State

4 ● He succeeded President Jefferson making him the fourth President. ●Before becoming president he was an active attendant at the Constitutional Conventions. ●Also in congress he helped with the framing of the Bill of Rights. President

5 ●George Clinton (1809-1812) ●Elbridge Gerry (1813-1814) Vice President

6 ●He served 2 terms as president. ●March 4, 1809 - March 1817 Years serving as President

7 James Madison’s Political party was Democratic- Republican Party. It is the name used primarily for the first “Republican Party”, which is now represented at as a elephant : Political Party

8 In 1787,Madison represented virginia at the Constitutional Convention. He was a federalist, who campaigned for a strong central government. He expressed his ideas about forming a three-part federal government, consisting of executive, legislative and judicial branches, which was stated in the Virginia Plan. James Madison wanted prevent the abuse of power by any one group. Many of Madison's ideas were included in the constitution. He created the foundation for the Bill of Rights, acted as President Thomas Jefferson’s secretary of state. Events Occurring During the Presidency

9 ●There is a University named after him, James Madison University, located in Harrisonburg, VA. ● He renewed the Charter for the bank of the United States to raise funds for the War of 1812 ●He enforced the Non-Intercourse Act, which allowed the United states to trade with all except France and Great Britain. ● He helped established the Democratic-Republican Party with Jefferson Achievements

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