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A Good Citizen How to be a Good Citizen?.

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1 A Good Citizen How to be a Good Citizen?

2 Unit Overview: The students will learn that good citizens do their part to make their community a good place and that they have the power to make a difference in the world. The students will reach these goals by taking responsibility and working collaboratively in groups to create rules for a new resource that will be added to the classroom. The students will produce a project to better the world (recycling and conservation). The students will meet and communicate with leaders in the school.

3 What is a good citizen? Merriam-Webster dictionary defines citizenship as “the status of being a citizen as well as a membership in a community and the quality of an individual’s response to membership in a community. It is compassion for people, animals and the environment What activities in daily life can we do to become great citizens? List your thoughts. Think of ways you can become a good citizen. What do you already do? Time for Citizenship

4 How can we make a difference in the world?
What can be recycled? How can trash and pollution affect the world?

5 How do authority figures help us?
Who is an authority figure? How should we treat authority figures?

6 What is project based learning?
Project based learning is a student centered instructional model. It develops content knowledge and skills that tie content standards and higher-order thinking to real world context.

7 21st Century Skills In this unit students will meet the 21st century skills: Accountability and adaptability Communications skills Creative and intellectual curiosity Critical thing and systems thinking Interpersonal and collaborative skills Problem identification, formulation, and solution Self-direction Social responsibility

8 Assessment: Before project work
Questioning K-W-L Picture journals Students work on projects and complete tasks Presentation rubric (rules for new resource and recycling project) Group and self assessment After project work is completed K-W-L presentations Reflection Group conference

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