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2  Dental hygienists finish certain procedures for the dentist.  Most dental hygienists advance through increased pay and education. Some advance into management positions and supervise other hygienists.  A phlebotomist draws blood from patients, test the blood for records or for donating, they are always on hand for medical procedures such as emergency victims.  Most of all, this career is in high demand. ADVANTAGES OF CHOOSING THIS CAREER

3 Hygienist  Anatomy and Physiology,  Computer Fundamentals,  Dental Assisting,  Health Education,  Keyboarding  Safety and First Aid. Helpful electives to take in high school that prepare you for this occupation include: Phlebotomist  Anatomy and Physiology  Computer Fundamentals  Keyboarding SUGGESTED HIGH SCHOOL COURSES

4 Hygienist  Typically the two-year program averages $4,600 for in-state students.  Out of state averages from $10,000 -$21,600 for two years.  There are additional cost for books and equipment for clinicals which is about $1,400- $1,700.  There is also a $950 test to earn a license to practice in this profession. Phlebotomist  Basic Phlebotomy course rounds about 42-96 hours depending on the college.  Exam review is 8 hours, and Clinicals are 120 hours.  The total of 200 hours and a fee of $1,350 or more depending on the college. COST OF COLLEGE

5  For dental hygiene as well as phlebotomy professions of medical field are found:  In Idaho there are five school with dental hygienist programs: Boise State University, Milan Institute, Idaho state university and College of Southern Idaho.  In Oregon there are five schools with dental hygienist programs: Pacific University, Oregon Institute of Technology, Apollo College Portland and Lane Community College  All schools are subject to availability if you fill out application and some school also require SAT/PSAT scores. SCHOOL AVAILABILITY/LOCATION

6  In Oregon, starting wages for phlebotomists average about $1,906 per month. Top wages average $2,532 per month.  The worker's level of experience, education, and responsibility also affect wages. EXPECTED SALARY  Dental Hygienists In Oregon wages for hygienist average about $4,852 per month. And in Idaho average monthly pay averages around $4,809  Wages increase with the higher degree you get and experience.

7  A career as a dental hygienist requires anywhere from 2-4 years of school, dental hygiene school curriculum involves laboratory and clinical practice.  In order to practice as a dental hygienist, one needs a degree from a dental hygiene school and a state license. To become licensed, dental hygienists need to pass a clinical and written exam.  It takes approximately 4 months depending on whether you go full time or part time.  Courses are more of a hands on class.  Phlebotomist do not have formal education the courses they take teaches them proper use of lab equipment and drawing blood. LENGTH OF TIME TO OBTAIN DEGREE/TRAINING

8  Requires repetitive tasks.  Stay in the same building all day long.  Well…Hygienist clean teeth all day long.  They also educate patients, complete medical records, provide screenings, and sometimes administer shots.  Follow instructions  Pay attention to detail.  Responsible for record- keeping  Which involves making computer entries.  Need to have healthy vision  Good hand-eye coordination. DISADVANTAGES OF CHOOSING THIS CAREER

9  Either one of these medical field positions are vary interesting to me. Because I really want to get a profession within the medical field. So if it were for me I would go for either. Which ever fits into my schedule at the moment I decide to sign up for school. I would also be interested in perusing a career in nursing. WHICH CAREER OCCUPATION IS BEST FOR ME

10  Harrison, Hayley. "Dental Hygienist Schools in Oregon." EHow. Demand Media, 15 Mar. 2010. Web. 02 Oct. 2012..  "CIS for Internet." CIS for Internet. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Oct. 2012..  Keefer, Amber. "How Long Does It Take to Get a Certificate in Phlebotomy?" EHow. Demand Media, 30 July 2009. Web. 02 Oct. 2012.. SOURCES

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