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Regional Development Manager, A4e

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1 Regional Development Manager, A4e
Work Programme East London Wednesday 11th May Louise Duncan Regional Development Manager, A4e

2 A4e Background Welfare to Work Legal Justice Transitions Enterprise
We support the hard to reach communities delivering Skills for Life qualifications helping to increase their opportunities Our Community Legal Advice Centres in Hull and Leicester have dealt with over 60,000 legal matters between them, in just under two years Justice Transitions We currently provide education and training to over 8,500 prisoners within 28 prisons across the UK We offer a wide range of advice, training and solutions to candidates that are either changing careers or facing redundancy to help them to achieve their desired goal Enterprise Financial Guidance 39% of all pupils in our Vocational Centres have been excluded from school, 64% are at risk of being excluded and 72% achieve qualifications We help over 22,000 clients each year with problems relating to debt, family, employment housing and benefits and tax credits Skills & Training Over the past 10 years we have helped over 20,000 new companies start-up and grow through business support and entrepreneurship programmes FSI The FSI has donated services, training days, forums, workshops, partnerships and donations of almost £2m to over 750 small charities Independent Living International The second largest provider of Direct Payments services in the UK, you can trust A4e to deliver a reliable, personalised service.

3 Work Programme Customer Journey

4 The Customer Journey

5 Work Programme – Core elements
A4e Five Building Blocks of Sustainability The core requirements to move away from benefits dependency

6 3 Development Programmes
The Access & Outlook Programme focuses on increasing access to jobs, career planning, confidence, mock job interviews, and at least a full day per week of structured job search. The Skills Programme focuses on tackling skills barriers through specialist assessments, vocational & soft skills development. The Capacity & Resilience Programme includes joint case reviews with existing support networks and increasing contact and participation on a weekly basis to build capacity.

7 Support for Life – our sustainability offer
Sustainability risk profile Can be light touch, can be intensive support Life focused, skills focused, employer focused 8am to 8pm Basic barriers that emerge - travel, finance, childcare In work health support A career not just a job – skills and training focus Re-commence – maintaining momentum for customers who have left work

8 Our A4e Solution Blended approach Self delivery Partners
Self delivery (c.53%) Subcontracting (c.47%) No imposed model to supply chain. Flexible commercial model Self delivery A4e Transitions – Graduates and Professionals A4e Enterprise – support Job creation Community Manager – attend LEG, LSP, etc 4 new Voxs Centres in London Outreach approach e.g. Children centres, libraries, GP Surgeries Partners Geographical End to End Specialist End to End e.g. Disability Works Intervention Partner e.g. Beonsite, New Deal of the Mind, Addison Lee Strategic Partnerships e.g. Dress for Success, Save the Children/ FAST, Adecco, Crossrail, Citizens Trust, People Supermarket

9 Aspirations / Challenges for London CPA
Using Work Programme as a platform for future growth Taking a “Total Person” approach to include families, health, justice. Integration with current local activity - role of Community Officer Payment by results contract needs to have additional funding support. Working with local providers and funding bodies to have access to other areas of funding to support. London has the lowest employment and generally national employment contracts tend to have the lowest outcomes in London. The 6 primes are working together on support for London through the GLA, including Jobs access, Skills and Health.

10 Gaps and Further Partnership Opportunities
Currently working with our supply chain to confirm delivery. Will determine gaps over the first quarter and evolve partnerships Will contact our registered partners of opportunities on WP or any future bids To register : or contact Amber Shotton Or Louise Duncan

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