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Surveillance camera in terms of business. Index *surveillance systems * Types of control systems * Elements of control systems * Types of monitoring camera.

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1 Surveillance camera in terms of business

2 Index *surveillance systems * Types of control systems * Elements of control systems * Types of monitoring camera * usess monitoring camera in business.

3 surveillance systems The proliferation of surveillance cameras are increasingly in recent Because of the nature of restrictions imposed by the current work on a lot of people as motivated to spend more time outside the home. It is widely believed that the installation of surveillance cameras is not complicated for ordinary users can do, But what is provided by our company is specialized in this area opens the door for enthusiasts to do this manually,

4 There are two types of control systems used The first system Depends on the TV and VCR, And adopt this system Analog signal Analog data transfer between its various components. Second system of surveillance systems is the systems that rely on the computer and the local network, and this kind of surveillance systems digital signal Digital data transfer between its various components. In these days began surveillance systems that rely on television to fade, having already overtaken systems that depend on the local computer and the network it, and because of the great flexibility offered by these systems

5 Elements of the control system Elements of the control system Consists of the control system, which relies on the computer 3 Essential Elements Is the camera control and connection cables and the computer. Is linked with a surveillance camera network and is connected to computer with him, too, is done either way depending on the traditional wired port pnc available in most surveillance cameras, Or wirelessly if the camera is of a class of surveillance cameras wireless Do not stay in front of the user wishing to design a monitoring network only identify the camera used by so how is this done? Camera wired or wireless?

6 There are two types of surveillance camera Two cameras, wired and wireless cameras There have been concerns in the past that the cameras that rely on wireless networks may suffer from delays or interruptions in the transfer of video, and because of the large bandwidth required by the process of transferring video, As well as the slow wireless networks compared with traditional networks. But in these days has reached speeds of wireless networks than wired networks, large in some cases, and therefore no longer a problem speed obstacle to the use of this type of cameras, The protection issues has also been overcome through encryption techniques to prevent spying on video by others. Local or online?

7 There are several types of cameras from the local area connection, some of which are working across the local network only, including what works over the Internet and LAN together. If you intend to use the camera for control over the local network Fbmekdurk rely on cameras equipped for connection to the network only, If you want to control the company after when you travel you must rely on the dvr to communicate over the Internet, It provides access to the camera from inside or outside the home. We refer to the use of this camera is the participation of friends or relatives in the household of events and other celebrations across this technique Where the other party can see what is going on in the house and participate in the celebration to feel close to loved ones from a distance.

8 There are additional benefits We provide some of which is sending a communication to the user via e-mail or even via a mobile phone when it detects movement in the home or office Power supply Different sources of power supply required by the surveillance cameras, some of which may depend on the conventional battery, some of which may depend on a port to connect to a power socket with the best, Working conditions Provide most of the surveillance camera several modes of photography, some of which are video logs on an ongoing basis so that you can refer to any point in time and view the video that captured it.

9 Most of the camera can be set also for the record video at a certain time during the day, or tuned to the registration of the video when there is a movement based on the technical Motion Detection, So instead of wasting a lot of storage space on your hard drive for recording video, as is useful in identifying what happened easily, instead of displaying hours of video Without any events are displayed in the sections that appeared some movement such as access to a room or move them. Lighting conditions Of the important aspects in choosing a surveillance camera is the ambient light conditions, You may need to use a surveillance camera to shoot at night in dark places Such as Foreign Affairs or the yard in places in which they are to turn off lights at night, has been confined to use the camera to places such as bright Inside the living room where the light that shines continuously. Provide some surveillance cameras ability to photography, even in the absence of light fully, These are called cameras Day and Night Cameras Ie it is suitable for use in the day and night. These cameras are based on infrared imaging, and therefore usually referred to by name IR Sensitive, Often, these cameras are to move automatically from color to style photography style photography in black and white in bad lighting conditions More Options Some of the options that are not available in every model, some cameras offer built-in microphone to record audio with the video, And some recorded video image only without sound, It is up to the user in determining whether the need to record audio with the video or not.

10 Wireless camera

11  And used hand in commercial supermarkets to monitor consumers and there are also cameras used in the companies to monitor employees and there are also surveillance cameras used in the institutions Including those used in the control of the day and night, for example in banks

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