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1 Audit Next Generation Monitoring, Compliance & QAUDJRN Reporting.

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1 1 Audit Next Generation Monitoring, Compliance & QAUDJRN Reporting

2 2 2 iSecurity Logs / Protects Systems and Applications Logging system and application activities is the basis for: Monitoring Reporting Auditing Compliance Investigations “Keeping People Honest”- Behavioral changes when people know their activities are being recorded Increase in quality of work iSecurity can protect from problems by either: Preventing their occurrence Reacting immediately upon discovery iSecurity Mission

3 3 Mandatory Security Regulations Government and Industry Regulations SOX Financial COBIT IT compliance framework HIPAA Health care PCI Credit cards ISO 27000 Information Security Basel II Banking SAS70 Auditing Standards Italian Privacy Code 196.2003 Other European regulations External auditor’s demands Internal security policies

4 4 Sample Regulatory Requirements Limit user capabilities to the applications for which they are authorized Provide user & object authorities on an as-needed basis Monitor and trace operating system settings and system values All changes to data must be recorded and accessible for auditing, often for periods of many years. All data must be protected against illegal modification and/or erasing. Only application programs may access application data and not special purpose utility programs. READ access to data is often suggested but not mandated because of the difficulty in implementing READ protection

5 5 iSecurity Audit: Information Sources OS/400 Objects Users Authorities Objects Scheduled Jobs Etc. Report Generator & Visualizer: Screen, GUI, PDF, HTML (by email) Audit Filtered Data Receivers ` I5/OS QAUDJRN Current Activity Active Jobs System Status Sharepools Message Queues QSYSOFR Any other Message Queue SIEM Support: Syslog, SNMP Log Alert via Action

6 6 Audit QAUDJRN Flow Diagram Audit Audit Files Audit Screen, Print. HTML, PDF, CSV, OutFile, Excel via GUI Alert Email MSGQ SMS CL Script (with parameters) Call PGNS CHGUSRPRF *DISABLED Report Scheduler Auto Maintenance Visualizer Data Warehouse Business Intelligence Receivers ` I5/OS QAUDJRN QAUDJRN is the log of OS/400

7 7 Displaying Events from the Audit Log

8 8 User Profile Report

9 9 All Authority Changes Report

10 10 Audit Features At-a-glance, user-friendly display of QAUDJRN activity covering all 75 audit types Reduces disk space by filtering system audit data, leaving only requested data Easy definition of audit related security rules Query Wizard enables creating queries quickly without programming Various report formats include e-mail/HTML/PDF/CSV Powerful Report Generator includes over 200 predefined reports Ready-made reports suited to SOX Enables selecting, sorting and filtering fields in reports Advanced scheduler runs reports at specified times, e-mailing results to your desktop Real-time initiation of responses to potential threats and security violations

11 11 Firewall & Audit built-in Queries Report Generator and Scheduler Display on green screen or GUI workstation Spool file IFS storage Execute query over single or multiple systems View in GUI and e- mail PDF, HTML, CSV attachments Native DB files FileScope SHWFC or native DB viewers View GUI table Print or Export as Excel, CSV, HTML, PDF, ODF Individual Product’s User Defined Queries iSecurity Reports and Queries

12 12 Various Report Formats HTML ReportCSV ReportPDF Report Email with Attachment

13 13 Advanced Scheduler

14 14 Filter Flexible Reporting: Filter, Select, Sort Output Fields Select Sort

15 15 User-Friendly Query Wizard

16 16 At-a-Glance View of All Audit Journal Files

17 17 Displays Compliance related Explanation

18 18 Defining Action in Response to Specific Threats

19 19 Formatted Audit Log Entry

20 20 Please visit us at Thank You!

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