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4 P’s of Marketing.

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1 4 P’s of Marketing

2 4 P’s of Marketing Product – what you are selling
Price – how much you are charging Place – where it is being sold, how it will get from manufacturer to consumer Promotion – Inform, Persuade, or Remind customers about your product

3 4 P’s of Marketing

4 4 P’s of Marketing

5 Public Relations (5th P)
Sport marketing includes the 4 (or 5) P’s that relate to the target consumers’ behavior: Product Price Promotion Place Public Relations (5th P)

6 Sport marketing has developed into 2 major parts:
1) The marketing of sport products and services directly to consumers of sport 2) The marketing of other consumers and industrial products or services through the use of sport:

7 “YOU DO” Illustrate the use of the marketing mix
(4 P's-Price, Promotion, Place, Product) in sports and entertainment marketing Illustrate the 4’s as the example above does. Explain the importance of each of the 4’s as it relates to your example.

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