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Public Health? Importance?Jobs?Schooling?Questions?

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2 Public Health? Importance?Jobs?Schooling?Questions?

3 The first line of defense Confront complex healthcare issues Job Security and Versatility

4 Biostatistics Community Health Sciences Environmental Health Sciences

5 Epidemiology Health Policy and Management

6 Biostatistics The application of statistics to analyze public health concerns and further research NIH, CDC, Government, Policy, Research Community Health Sciences Focus on improving health of individuals within the context of a particular community, socioeconomic group, and among cultural factors Environmental Health Sciences Develop and Analyze links between health and the environment Emphasizes application of a broad range of knowledge to controlling environmental factors

7 Epidemiology Develop an understanding of disease etiology, work towards prevention and treatment Efficient and effective answers to several health concerns Health Policy and Management Increasing the equity, effectiveness, and efficiency of health services for individuals as well as populations

8 Importance PreventionTreatmentInformation Social Justice Needs of the population

9 Community/Environmental Analysis Research Policy Clinic

10 Population AnalysisPopulation Analysis 1 ResearchResearch 2 Policy 3 Clinical Management 4

11 Public Health? Importance Jobs? Education

12 Comm: Social Work, Non profit work, International Work, UN, mental health, hospital outreach, Consulting, Private Sector Envi: FDA, Agriculture, CDC, Government, Non profit, grassroots, Consulting, Private Sector Research: Hospital analysis, Efficacy analysis, needs analysis, vaccine development, Biomedical research, Policy: Government, grassroots, private sector analysis, public outreach, social work, research, business, accessability Management Hospital management, Clinical care, dual degree, outreach, private and public sector, consulting

13 School “Major” Degrees MPH MS PhD DrPH Dual Degree MD/MPH DMD/MPH MS/MPH Testing GRE Preferred MCAT/GMAT, others accepted

14 Minimum 3.0; Competitive 3.5 Work Experience/ Volunteer/ Research/ Clinical CV, Transcript, Statement of Purpose, 3 Recs (Employer and Academic), Writing Sample,* Personal statement,* Random Req. GRE: 160 Quantative; 160 Verbal; 4.1 Writing MCAT: 25-30

15 1 Core Classes, Volunteer Work S Summer Internship 2 Personal Project Written analysis

16 2 year program (1* year dual Degree) Tuition $22,000 – $50,000 Entry Level: $40,000 Average successful pay: $130,000 MD/MPH: $80,000

17 Undergrad Research>3.0 GPA Take 3 rd year break for MPH Apply Med School Work Experience Attend MPH 2 nd year mph/3 rd MD (light*) MD/MP H

18 Edit the text with your own short phrases. To change a sample image, select a picture and delete it. Now click the Pictures icon in each placeholder to insert your own images. The animation is already done for you; just copy and paste the slide into your existing presentation. Sample pictures courtesy of Bill Staples. JHU, UNC, Harvard, Umich, Columbia, Emory, UW UCB, UCLA, UCI, CSUN, CSULB, USF, UCSF, UCD, Fresno State, USC, SDSU, Loma Linda, International Programs: Cambridge, Puerto Rico Medical, legal, economic, social issues

19 Public Health Research Policy Medicine

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