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Business plan template

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1 Business plan template
Company: Name: Date:

2 Template Instructions
Use this guide to help structure your information Please fill out and return to RedHouse Associates

3 Company Information Company Name Entrepreneur First/Last Name
Entrepreneur Address Company Address Phone Number Fax Number Company Logo

4 Management Team List Names and Titles of management Team

5 Company Profile Number of Employees Founded Date Industry Referred By
Previous Investors Lawyer Accountant

6 Company Detail One Line Pitch Summarize Your Business

7 Management Team What makes your management team most qualified to build this business?

8 Customer Problem/Solution
Describe Customer Problem Describe the Solution you sell

9 Define Your Market

10 List Current or Potential Customers

11 Sales and Marketing Strategy

12 Describe Your Business Model

13 Describe Competition Describe the competitive landscape
List your competitors

14 Your Competitive Advantage
What gives your product or service a competitive advantage? List barriers to entry

15 Financial Forecast Year Revenues Expenditures Net 2010 2011 2012 2013
2014 2015

16 Other Documents Please submit the following Business Documents:
Executive Summary Financial Plan Business Plan Presentation

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