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Science Lesson: Monday 1st grade

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1 Science Lesson: Monday 1st grade
Have students draw a scientist doing science Display the drawings around the room Discuss their drawings What is similar and different about the drawings? What does a scientist look like? Who can be a good scientist? What does a good scientist do? Can provide certain guidelines needed for science (safety issues etc…)

2 Science Lesson: Tuesday 1st Grade
Use a trade book that deals with the nature of science: (find it later possible topics) Who can be a scientist Different types of science Scientists doing science Discuss the various types of scientists and different types of work they do

3 Science Lesson: Wednesday 1st Grade
Read the story, What Grows inside this Egg? The students will make predictions of what is growing inside the eggs based on the clues provided throughout the story There will be a discussion with each prediction based on the clues and why the predictions are good/not so good based on the clues provided in the story.

4 Science Lesson: Thursday 1st Grade
Investigation (Making Predictions/ Inferences Students will be given a set of cards (Cards are very close up pictures of simple objects like wood, blackberry, basketball. They have to make predictions about the pictures Students will then be given more cards that show same pictures little further back Activity continues until students are able to infer what each object is. After activity the class will discuss how they figured out what each object was and strategies used to solve problem.

5 Science Lesson: Friday 1st Grade
Going back to the investigation on prediction we will show all the pictures including a non-zoomed in way. Have the students group each set of the pictures while teacher walks around asking students why they grouped them together and why they know they belong together. Have the students decide if they would like to change any of their predictions. Ask them if seeing the pictures this time helped them decide what was in the picture. Discussion about how science is always changing, science needs evidence, and how each of us can be scientists.

6 1st Grade Parent’s Night!
First, the parents will complete their “Drawing of a Scientist” after which the students will show their own drawing of a scientist they worked on at the beginning of the week. Discuss the benefits of integrated curriculum with the parents. Talk to the parents about your expectations of their children, and encourage them to ask questions and let you know what they expect of you.

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