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Sitefinity CMS Overview

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1 Sitefinity CMS Overview
Christopher Peck, Sales Engineer June 4, 2015

2 Sitefinity is… WCM Platform Built on modern standard technologies
Very focused on usability Built with our own tools Highly customizable and extendable Successful: Powering commercial sites See also for Gallery of over 2800 customer sites 200+ Partners 170+ Case Studies

3 Web Content Easily create, edit, preview and publish great content on websites. Build pages and forms faster with a drag-and-drop user experience. Make fast updates with powerful inline editing. Ensure content quality and governance with approval workflows, granular permissions and version history.

4 Digital Assets Enrich content and communication with beautiful images and engaging videos. Save time and money by managing digital assets from a central location, and share them across pages and sites. Easily organize files with hierarchical libraries, categories and tags.

5 Form Builder Support marketing programs, increase conversions and generate more leads with forms that capture contact information from landing pages and downloads. Build, configure and publish web forms using drag-and-drop tools with no programming, capturing form submissions straight into CRM and marketing automation systems.`

6 SEO Tools Get websites ranked at the top of search engine results with built-in SEO tools and best practices. Give marketing teams complete control, enabling them to easily maximize SEO results without help from web administrators.

7 Personalization Enable marketers to engage target audiences with relevant content and personal experiences. Define target segments, personalize content and preview experiences with simple yet powerful tools, without help from a web team.

8 Mobile Connect to customers on-the-go, and deliver great mobile experiences on any device. Significantly reduce the time it takes to build responsive websites and mobile apps, and enable marketing teams to produce mobile-friendly content faster than ever before.

9 Social Media Engage in more conversations with target customers across websites and social networks. Increase website registrations by enabling customers to log in with existing social accounts. Improve social media presence and enable marketing teams to add social sharing bookmarks to website pages easily, and push content to Twitter and RSS feeds automatically.

10 Analytics Improve the website experience for visitors through contextual web analytics. Use advanced customer analytics to optimize the entire customer journey. Save time and see Google Analytics reports right within the web content management system.

11 Multisite Management Launch new websites quickly and reduce the time it takes to maintain, upgrade and deploy new functionality across all sites. Reduce hosting infrastructure and costs, managing multiple websites efficiently from a single place, while easily sharing templates, content, users and settings across sites.

12 Multilingual Grow in new markets and connect with customers in their native language. Localize website content and digital assets in multiple languages, such as Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi and Arabic. Enable your global marketing team to manage translations and all language versions of pages, content items and digital assets from a central place. Automate translation with integrations to translation services and reduce translation time to market by 60%

13 Site Synchronization Increase the productivity of web teams by enabling them to automatically deploy website changes among development, staging and production environments. Enable marketing teams to publish templates and content to multiple websites hosted in different locations around the world. Publish when, where and what you want with granular control of content to be synchronized, scheduled deployments and be notified of updates upon completion.

14 Deployment Options Enable the IT team to deploy websites using physical or virtual servers that can be located in an on premise datacenter or in cloud environments, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2. Automate deployment with standard tools such as Visual Studio Online, Octopus Deploy and Team City.

15 Security Control user access to website content and functionality within the Sitefinity™ CMS on a granular level. Monitor user activity with a system audit trail, ensuring accountability and transparency. Integrate with Microsoft Active Directory, and implement single sign-on (SSO) between applications using claims-based authentication. Build highly secure websites supporting the latest best practices and security standards, including Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS).

16 Scalability Build complex multisite solutions, and enable marketing teams to manage hundreds of websites, in any number of languages, with tens of thousands of pages and hundreds of thousands of content items, all from a central system. Grow user bases and website traffic on a platform that scales to run on dozens of servers in a load-balanced environment, without compromising on performance or requiring additional licensing fees.

17 Integration Platform Improve business results and deliver the best customer experience by using a web content management system that plays nice with other best-of-breed systems for digital marketing and commerce. Build custom integrations between your websites and your backend systems of record, such as CRM and ERP.

18 Platform Connectivity
Connect to leading CRM Systems to push and pull information. Share data with Marketing automation tools and connect to their data to drive personalized website experiences. Make Microsoft SharePoint documents and digital assets easily accessible on public websites, portals and mobile devices, by synchronizing them with Sitefinity.

19 Custom Content Types Reduce development time and ongoing maintenance by enabling web teams to create content structures with related data and custom fields, without coding.’ Boost productivity with auto-generated content widgets and API documentation.

20 Content Presentation Framework
Enable your front-end development team to work with tools such as Sublime Text, Atom, BBEdit, Visual Studio and others. Leverage the frameworks with which they’re familiar, such as Bootstrap, Foundation and Semantic UI. 

21 ASP.NET MVC Support Build clean, modern, fast websites using the latest Microsoft ASP.NET MVC technology. Take full control over model bindings, Razor views, controllers and resource routing. Create new widgets with MVC, and use them together on the same website page with widgets built in ASP.NET WebForms.

22 Visual Studio Support Increase your developer productivity with Sitefinity™ Thunder, a feature-rich plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio. Spend more time developing specific requirements, and use the Sitefinity plugin to generate infrastructure code for website templates, themes, widgets, modules, web services and more. Get contextual help with support for IntelliSense and make updates on multiple websites from one place.

23 Comprehensive API Meet all current and future website requirements with a CMS platform that has comprehensive and completely open native, fluent and RESTful APIs, which are easy to extend and fully documented. Leverage the Microsoft ASP.NET Provider Model with full support for LINQ to store, access and query all your application data.

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