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First Grade Orientation

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1 First Grade Orientation
Mrs. Johnson

2 Classroom Norms Learning takes place with minimal worksheets and
maximum small group and one-on-one instruction ID Badges must be worn daily. On the second day it is not worn, students will receive a conduct mark Our classroom can be a bit chilly so students’ should keep jackets in backpack just in case Every Friday, students’ special schedule will change

3 Classroom behavior Behavior will be documented every day on students’ conduct cards Good behavior is expected and praised Behavior is marked on our classroom DOJO Please include your at the end and all behaviors can me be ed to you Students with all smiley faces and super stamps may go to the Treasure Chest on Friday ***Demonstration***

4 CHAMPS Expectations Before each activity, expectations are shared with the class We use CHAMPS to set expectations CHAMPS expectations are school-wide Voice levels are monitored In the hallway, the voice level is always 0 *** Demonstration***

5 Reading and Writing Workshop
Reading and Writing is taught using a Workshop format This format consists of a teacher mini lesson, student discussion, and student practice I will confer with students individually about their Reading and Writing.

6 Word Study Word Study is our spelling program where students make words. This program is not about memorizing words Word Study focuses on word families ***Demonstration***

7 Lunch Time Our lunch is from 12:52- 1:22
We eat our snack around 11:00 every day When eating lunch with your child, please sit with them at the parent table To pay lunch in advance, you may pay online at

8 Dress Code Jackets can be brought to school daily
Shorts must be long enough that finger tips touch Leggings can be worn if shirt covers student appropriately

9 ID Badges ID badges must be worn everyday to school and during school
If an ID badge is lost, the cost to replace it is a total of $3.00. The cost breaks down to $2.00 for the ID and $1.00 for the lanyard.

10 Blue take Home Folder Please check your child’s folder daily
Inside folder: Conduct card Homework Newsletter Important papers Student conduct card will need to be checked and signed every day

11 Blue Tuesday Folder Every Tuesday, graders papers will be sent home to be reviewed The folder should be signed after reviewing The papers should return to school, inside the folder If the folder is not sent, this means assessments were not given or were not written

12 Homework Students will read their Take Home Reader everyday
Students will write their book on their Reading log Students will complete one Math or ELA page for homework every night All homework pages are due every Friday Take Home Reader will be due every Friday

13 Newsletter The Newsletter will be placed inside the Take Home Folder every month The Newsletter includes: Friday Specials schedule Reminders What we will be learning Word Study spelling patterns

14 Birthdays Birthdays are very important at this age
All treats for the class must be delivered by 10:30 Please let me know when you will be sending treats I will verify that another birthday will be celebrated The school suggests individual store bought cupcakes No drinks or treat bags are allowed

15 Thank you Parents You are your child’s first teacher
You are my best resource as a teacher We must continue to work together to benefit your child’s educational success THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU HAV E DONE & ALL THAT YOU WILL DO THIS SCHOOL YEAR!!

16 Questions and Answers Individual student conferences will be scheduled very soon; however, I would love to know if you have any questions or concerns about the information you just received.

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