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Photographer By: Drew Krablean.

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1 Photographer By: Drew Krablean

2 Introduction A photographer takes pictures of a person, place or thing. They help us focus in on a particular aspect of a subject. In the future, there will be new and improved technologies. Cameras and effects that they use will become more advanced also. Photographers also take pictures to entertain with a work of art or for a report on the news.

3 Purpose A photographer takes pictures to entertain people with a work of art. They also might take a picture of something for a news story or a magazine. For information like stuff found in newspapers, magazines, scientific use and more, you might find pictures. "The Purpose of Photography." One Light Project. Web. 12 Dec < e-of-photography.html>. Those are most likely taken by a photographer.

4 Types of Photographers
Action Photographer- They get exciting pictures of sporting events. The photographer really has to know the sport if they want to be an action photographer for that sport. Photojournalism Photographer-This photographer shoots only the facts: no alternation or embellishment permitted. They take powerful images that engage the viewer with news. " » Types of Photography." Beginner Photography, Types of Photography, Digital Camera Basics & More. Web. 12 Dec < Documentary- They tell stories with images. Documentary photography is meant to serve as historical. Underwater Photographer- Scuba divers usually take these pictures. Scuba divers or snorkelers go under water and take these pictures. Glamour Photographer- They take pictures to capture its subject in suggestive poses that emphasizes curves and shadows. Artistic Photographer- Artistic photography embraces a wide variety of subjects. Nature photographers may use underwater photography to create an art show based on sea life. Microphotography- Photographers use a specialized camera and microscopes to capture images of extremely small subjects. That kind of photography is best used for the scientific world.

5 Technology Photographers need technical expertise. They use the right camera for what type of photography it is. They use effects like blurring out the background to focus on one aspect. They use different lighting, whether it’s natural or official light. Computers are used also to help with effects.

6 Tools Photographers use the right camera for what type of photography they are doing. They also use their creativity and pro equipment to make just the right picture. They use effects on their pictures. They might blur the background, make a picture black and white except for one thing to focus on one aspect. They also use different lightings.

7 Training and Education
Pro photographers are usually the ones who do photojournalism because professionals have had lots of years of practice. You need a lot of training and lots of years of practice and experience. In photojournalism photography and most of the other types, it generally requires a college degree in photography or a field related to industry.

8 Where they work Photographers will travel around the world if they have to. They work anywhere and everywhere. There are photographs all around you, taken by photographers that are in books, magazines, billboards and everything.

9 Transition In the future there will be new and improved technologies. Cameras and effects will be more advanced. Cameras have changed, effects have changed and schooling and training has changed.

10 Extra Training and Schooling
Photographers like the ones that do photojournalism photography need a lot of training. There will be a lot more training needed. They will need more training for the subject that it is like if it’s underwater, they need a lot of training on underwater stuff, not just how to work a camera. Especially with all this new technology coming our way.

11 Changes in Technology There is a lot of technology used in photography. The basic principle of the camera was in use a thousand years ago when Arab astronomers were projecting images off well lit objects or onto walls of dark rooms. Cameras used to have film. They used to be huge and a lot harder to use and they weren’t digital. It’s a lot different now. "All About Photography." Questacon. Web. 12 Dec < Cameras are smaller and don’t use film anymore. We have digital cameras now and more and more new and improved cameras are coming out. In the future new and improved cameras that we wouldn’t even think about will come out. Effects that are used will become new and improved. Computers are used in photography for editing photos and those are becoming newer and newer also. Technology has changed big time.

12 Conclusion Technology for photographers have changed big time. New technology is yet to be created. There are new and improved cameras and effects. There have been other new and improved technology like computers that might be used to help edit a photo.

13 Glossary Photographer: Photographers are people who take pictures of people, places or things. Photography: Process of art of producing of objects. Expertise: Skill or knowledge Aspect: Appearance to the eye or mind. Industry: Any general business activity Embellishment: A decoration-to make something look better.

14 Works Cited Digital Photography Technology. Web. 12 Dec <>. This helped find technology  "Kids Search - Powered by EBSCOhost." EBSCO Publishing Service Selection Page. Web. 12 Dec < About photography and how it was invented  "Photographer." U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Web. 12 Dec < This helped to find a general description "Photographers." U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Web. 12 Dec < This helped me find the tools and technology.  "Photography." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 12 Dec < I found a good description for a photographer. "The Future of Photography - TIME." Breaking News, Analysis, Politics, Blogs, News Photos, Video, Tech Reviews - Web. 12 Dec < Helped with the future

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