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Oracle Warehouse Management

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1 Oracle Warehouse Management
JP Laloux Principal Sales Consultant

2 What is Warehousing Inbound Outbound Internal Processing Purchases
Customer Returns Transfers Outside Processing Customer Shipments Vendor Returns Transfers Outside Processing Pick Pack Inspection Count Assembly Storage Move Replenish

3 Just-in-Time Delivery
Warehousing Drivers Global Promising Increased Velocity Just-in-Time Delivery Order Fragmentation Global Demand Variable Demand SKU Proliferation Mass Customization Increased Complexity Inventory Reduction Labor Reduction Lowest Total Cost Internal Inbound Outbound Processing

4 Warehousing Opportunity
Warehouse Labor Hours 10-30% Inventory Write-offs 5-10% Total Inventory 5% Shipping Errors % Management Time 50% Inventory Counting Hours % Sources: Lilly, Intermec, eSync, and Tompkins

5 Traditional Warehousing
Planning Procurement Manufacturing Order Mgmt Warehouse System 1 Warehouse System 2 Warehouse System X RF Middleware RF Middleware RF Middleware Cobbling together components from multiple vendors yields complex integration, operations, and support

6 Traditional Warehousing Shortcomings
Bolt-on Required for RF Capabilities Customization Needed to Meet Business Needs Loss of Global Inventory Visibility Integrating Disparate Components is Very Difficult Complex Operational and Support Environment

7 Companies commonly stop at RF due to complex integration
Warehousing Functionality Spectrum existing High Highly Automated Facilities Automate physical inventory handling Complexity Companies commonly stop at RF due to complex integration Warehouse Management Implement true “execution system” using system directed tasks and task management Product / Order Complexity RF / Barcode Only Improve accuracy and reduce latency of existing transactions Manual Inventory Record transactions and track balances Low Small Transaction Velocity / Volume Large

8 Oracle Overcomes the Integration Challenge
RF / Mobile Solution

9 RF/Mobile Supply Chain Apps (MSCA) Out-of-the-Box: Complete and Integrated
Mobile Manufacturing Mobile Quality Moves, Issues, Returns, Scrap, Completions Quality Collections, Specifications Mobile Receiving Mobile Inventory Mobile Shipping Direct, Std, Inspect, Cross-Dock, Print Misc. Transactions, Transfers, Physical, Cycle Counts Pick, Confirm, Ship, Confirm, Print

10 Superior RF Architecture Eliminating Middleware Eliminates Complexity
RF Base Station (Router) Application / Data Base Mobile Transaction Server LAN or WAN RF Device Telnet Over TCP/IP SQL Net No Client Software No Servers Required in Warehouse UI Built for Fast, Repetitive Work Lightweight Communications Optimized for WAN Performance Scalable Middle Tier Central, Professionally Managed Data Center

11 The Complete Solution Warehouse Management

12 Warehouse Management is Part of a Complete E-Business Offering
Customer Relationship Management Supply Chain Management Develop Sell Plan Enterprise Management Finance HR Projects Maintenance Market Procure Manufacture Fulfill Service Warehouse Management

13 Oracle Warehouse Management Solution
Label RTVs Orders Transfers RMAs Purchases Transfers Receive Inspect Directed Putaway Assemble Tailorable Rules & Workflow Process Global Visibility RF Support Replenish Cost Move Ship Pack Directed Pick WIP Issues Count Transfer Plan Manufacture Fulfill Procure Seamless Integration

14 Oracle Warehouse Mgmt Solution (WMS)
Satisfy Requirements without Customization Automate Warehouse Operations Unify WMS with Complete SCM Solution Support Cost-Effective Global Deployment

15 Multiple Packages and Products
Container and LPN Support Complex Inventory Transactions via a Single Number Multiple Packages and Products Single Unique Number = || || | ||| ||| || A23595P Supports Infinite Levels of Nesting Perform Complex Moves via a Single Scan Improves Efficiency, Accuracy, and Tracking Fully Integrated With ASN’s

16 Directed Picking and Put Away Automatically Suggest Optimal Locators
Receipt Locator Rules Engine Locator Pick Locator Optimize the Use of Storage Locations Minimize Inventory Fragmentation Control Hazardous Materials / Co-Mingling Reduce Obsolescence

17 Automated Task Management Create, Organize, Dispatch Task to Optimal Resource
Pick Wave Line 1 Line 2 Task Queue Task 1 Task 2 Create & Allocate Task Split Merge Sort Eliminate Manual, Parallel Systems Support Multiple Picking Methodologies Match Skills and Equipment to Tasks Reduce Travel Time and Interleaves Tasks

18 More Ways to Automate Characteristics Benefits Compliance Labeling
Automate label printing (correct format, place, & time) Eliminates costly manual processes Meet customer needs Compliance Labeling Task Exception Handling Records transaction exceptions and triggers workflows Automates corrective actions Permits analysis Reduces packaging errors and costs Increases efficiency Auto-select the right size and type of container Cartonization Automatically control allowable transactions by status Reduces shipment and handling errors Material Status

19 Cost-Effective Global Deployment Real-Time Global View of All Inventory
Deploy and manage on a single global instance Support with single worldwide organization Multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-org, multi-national capabilities

20 Momentum

21 More Oracle WMS / MSCA Customers

22 More Oracle WMS / MSCA Customers
Live Live Live Live Live Live Live Live Live

23 Summary

24 Oracle Warehouse Management Solution
Tailorable Automated Integrated Global The Oracle WMS solution is: Tailorable – through the WMS Rules Engine and other capabilities Automated – through the use of advanced WMS features like Directed Picking, Task Dispatching, Compliance Labeling, etc. Integrated – out of the box - with other Logistics capabilities and the entire Oracle E-Business Suite Global – through features such as Multi-lingual support and the Oracle Worldwide Support organization


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