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Afghanistan A Brief History.

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1 Afghanistan A Brief History

2 History Has been invaded many times: Persians from (modern day) Iran
327 BC 150BC: Alexander the Great Kushans 0 AD  700 AD ~ 700 AD: Muslims (Sunni) take over 1220: Genghis Khan 1505: Mogul Dynasty 1738: Persians : The British try to take over : They try again : Russia invades History

3 Effect of Invasions Diverse population of 29 million people
Dozens of ethnic groups Hundreds of tribes Many Afghans identify with their tribe first Then their ethnic group Few major cities Most scattered though out small villages/ hamlets Very difficult to bring together under one government Effect of Invasions

4 Recent History of Fundamentalist Islam in Afghanistan
1979 The Soviet Union Invades 10 years of fighting A worldwide call goes out to declare Jihad (struggle) Muslims across the world rush to remove the invaders of a Muslim nation They form the Mujahideen

5 Mujahideen An army of Muslim fighters of Jihad defending Islam
Made up of Muslims from around the world (including Osama Bin Laden) Assisted by the United State’s CIA to remove the Soviet Union ($, weapons, training)

6 1989: The Soviets Retreat The United States then removes aid
Leaves a gap for who is going to run the country The Mujahideen break up into groups fighting for control The Civil War rips apart the country even more than the Soviet Invasion 1996: The Taliban take control of Afghanistan

7 Fundamentalist Islamic group who believes that the religion of Islam should be the government
Began during the Civil War as a group to fight road thieves. Brutal fighters They bring order to Afghanistan through strict religious rules Most Afghans welcome the end of the wars at first. The Taliban

8 Taliban Law Shiria (Islamic) Laws…No: Education or sports for women TV
Movies Videos Music Dancing Clapping during sports events Kite flying Beard trimming

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