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1 The reward is in the reading...

2 Reading Rewards History Initially created by mom of 2 reluctant reader boys in 2008 Boys had to exchange reading minutes for TV or Gamecube minutes: no reading, no TV! Friends wanted to use it, too --> expanded the concept to include ‘social reading’, where kids could share about their books Added interface to Amazon, for ISBN, editorial review and cover image information Parents wanted customizable rewards, so created the concept of the RR Store

3 History - continued Feedback from pilot group was great! Expanded the concept to include tools for teachers and librarians, and officially ‘launched’ in February 2010 Reading Rewards today: Almost 15,000 members worldwide --> over 7,000,000 reading minutes logged! Primarily US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand Used primarily by school teachers and librarians Available in English and French, but still only a few groups in Quebec

4 What is Reading Rewards is an online reading log/reading incentive program that is used by Parents wanting to encourage their kids to read Teachers wanting to track their students’ reading Librarians (Summer Reading Challenges) Book clubs Home schooling networks

5 How does it work? Kids sign up for a free account Log information about their reading (what, when, how much) Invited to review their books once they’ve finished them Parents validate reading entries via email (optional) Reading minutes get converted to points (RR Miles), which kids can use in various ways Social reading: kids can ‘connect’ to friends and see what they are reading. Great for recommendations!

6 How does it motivate kids to read? Kids earn RR Miles (points) with their reading: 1 RR Mile per minute of reading, and bonuses for reviewing and finishing their books As they log reading time, they ‘evolve’ through different reading levels They also earn privileges to play some games in the Fun and Games section, but only if they read! Parents and/or teachers can set up custom rewards for kids which they can purchase with their RR Miles. Kids love competing against others!

7 How is Reading Rewards used in schools? Teachers set up groups for their classes Set group reading targets, and individual daily or weekly reading targets Can either create their own student accounts, or invite their students to sign up As students track their reading progress, the information is available to their classmates (book reviews, recommendations) Teachers can set up incentives for the students Various reports available to teachers: detailed reading logs, weekly statistics, and more, coming soon.

8 How is RR used in libraries? Similar concept to the classroom Libraries can set up a group, and get their patrons to join the group Librarians can create customized, searchable Book Lists that can help kids get book recommendations Can use RR Store to run Summer Reading Challenges (example: raffle tickets for every 100 RR Miles) Patrons can easily see what others are reading and liking

9 How does it work? --> Child Account

10 Child Account - Sign Up

11 Child Account - My Reading

12 Child Account - Log Reading Time Kids can search in any number of Amazon databases Search on author, title, ISBN Once they find it, they click on it to add to their library

13 Reading Log Entry

14 My Reading

15 Child’s RR Store - Rewards added by parents

16 Fun and Games section Fun and Games section that rewards kids for reading The more they read, the more tries they get!

17 Printables - Print out achievements!

18 Teacher/Librarian Account Sign up for an account Create a group for your class or library Invite kids to sign up and join the group OR Create accounts for students Kids sign in and log their reading time as described Information then appears on the group page

19 Group’s Page: Our Members

20 Click through to see more

21 Click through to student’s page

22 Student’s page - Reviews

23 Group’s Page: Our Members

24 Group page: Reviews

25 Group page: Favorites

26 Group page: Charts

27 Group page: Reading Log Report

28 Group page: Recommended Lists

29 Case Study 1 Gulf Beaches Library, Florida Used Reading Rewards to run Summer Reading Challenge Set target of 40,000 reading minutes Their board promised to sponsor a Great Horned Owl at the local sanctuary if they reached their target 60 kids participated, and they reached their target the day before the challenge ended! “I've been meaning to write you to tell you how much I loooooove R- R. A librarian's dream---logging on every day and seeing how much the kids are reading! I just sent word of it to our state librarian. She was collecting ideas of next year's reading program presentations, and I wanted her to know about R-R.”

30 Case Study 2 Deerfield Windsor School, Georgia Used Reading Rewards to run Summer Reading Challenge Set target of 250,000 reading minutes 300 students participated Principal promised to kiss a pig if they reached their target! “ “This is our first summer reading program where we have a goal and we are keeping up with the minutes the students are reading. We were so excited to find a way that the students could easily log their reading minutes online as they work towards our goal of 250,000 minutes over the summer. (This would have been a lot to add up if they had kept paper logs!) We love that the students will be able to share what they are reading with other students. What a great way for the kids to keep up with their classmates over the summer while getting them fired up about reading!”

31 Case Study 3 Hundreds of schools worldwide have set up groups on Reading Rewards to replace their traditional online reading logs.

32 We hope you’ll be next!!! Thank you! Questions?

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