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Overview of EMS and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Development Course Raleigh, NC July 24, 2001 Beth Graves NC Division of Pollution Prevention.

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1 Overview of EMS and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Development Course Raleigh, NC July 24, 2001 Beth Graves NC Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance

2 What is ISO? International Organization for Standardization - Not an acronym "ISO" is a word, derived from the Greek isos, meaning "equal.” From "equal" to "standard”-- line of thinking that led to the choice of "ISO" as the organization’s name.

3 International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Worldwide federation of national standards bodies from over 100 countries, one representative from each country. Non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 1947, located in Switzerland. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is US representative to ISO

4 ISO Organization

5 History 1987 - World Commission on Env. & Development (WCED) published “Our Common Future” –first use of “sustainable development” –called for the development of effective env. management systems by industries 1989 - Creation of Strategic Advisory Group on the Environment (SAGE) –Recommended that a new ISO Technical Committee (TC) be formed to develop standards for EM January 1993 - ISO creates TC 207 (TC 176 over QMS standards - ISO 9000) Fall 1996 – ISO 14001 adopted

6 Structure of ISO’s TC 207

7 Sub-Committees of TC 207 SC 1: EMS - UK SC 2: Env. Auditing - Netherlands SC 3: Env. Labeling - Australia SC 4: Env. Performance Evaluation - US SC 5: Life Cycle Assessment - France SC 6: Terms and Definitions - Norway

8 ISO-related Acronyms US TAG to TC 207, SC’s and WG’s St’s to the TAG NWIP, CD, DIS, and FDIS ISO specification standard/guidance or TR ANSI-RAB and the NAP

9 ISO 14000 Standards Family Management System standards –EMS, auditing, EPE (14030) Product standards –LCA (14040), labeling (14020)

10 ISO 14000 Family A series of guidance documents and standards to help organizations address environmental issues. –14001: Environmental Management Systems –14004: EMS general guidelines –14010: Guidelines for Environmental Auditing –14011: Guidelines for Auditing of an EMS –14012: Auditing - Qualification criteria –14020: Environmental Labeling –14030: Env. Performance Evaluation (EPE) –14040: Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA)

11 Environmental Management System (EMS) ISO 14001 is the specification standard that is a model for an environmental management system. ISO 14004 is the guidance for the EMS specification 14001 is the only specification standard in the ISO series.

12 Becoming ISO 14001 certified Registration body examines EMS for conformity to the ISO 14001 standard Not a compliance audit, an EMS audit Facility awarded registration Does NOT mean that products are more environmentally friendly Does mean have a documented EMS that is fully implemented and consistently followed

13 Registration Terms “certification” and “registration” are synonymous May self-declare or self-certify Accredited registrars

14 3rd Party Certification Accreditation Body –Ex. RAB Registrar –Ex. Underwriters Laboratory Auditors –Ex. John Doe, certifies the EMS of an organization meets requirements of ISO 14001 Accreditation Body Registrar Auditors

15 To Whom Do the Standards Apply? Standard is Voluntary Large and Small Businesses & Industry Service Sectors (hospitals, hotels, etc.) City and County Government Applicable to all types of organizations, of all sizes anywhere in the world

16 What is an EMS? Systematic way of managing an organization’s environmental affairs Based on Plan-Do-Check-Act Model (PDCA) Focused on Continual Improvement of System Addresses immediate and long-term impact of an organization’s products, services and processes on the environment. A tool to improve environmental performance

17 EMS Focus not only on what but also why Top management priority Dynamic Flexible, simple Employee involvement Endorses continual improvement

18 EMS Much of an EMS may already be in place Key is to use a systematic approach to planning, controlling and improving environmental efforts Can be a vehicle for positive change

19 17 Requirements in ISO 14001 Env. Policy 4.2Document control 4.4.5 Env. Aspects 4.3.1Operational control 4.4.6 Legal and other req. 4.3.2Emergency preparedness and response 4.4.7 Obj. and targets 4.3.3Monitoring and measurement 4.5.1 Env. Mgmt. Program 4.3.4Corrective/preventive action 4.5.2 Structure and Responsibility 4.4.1Records 4.5.3 Training, awareness, and competence 4.4.2 EMS audit 4.5.4 Communication 4.4.3Management Review 4.6 EMS documentation 4.4.4

20 EMS Model Policy Plannin g Implementation Checking Corrective Action Management Review

21 EMS Key Elements Policy Statement/Commitment Identification of Significant Environmental Impacts Development of Objectives and Targets Implementation Plan to Meet Obj. and Targets Checking and Follow-up Training Management Review

22 Some EMS Models Metal Finishers National Biosolids Partnership Project XL with the United Egg Producers Agriculture EMS models (livestock, soybean) SGIA model Federal facility models (CEMP, DOE guide) Compliance-focused EMS (CFEMS) Commission for Env. Cooperation (CEC guide)

23 EPA Position published in Federal Register 3/12/98 “Implementation of an EMS has the potential to improve an organization’s environmental performance and compliance with regulatory requirements. EPA supports and will help promote the development and use of EMSs, including those based on the ISO 14001 standard...”

24 US EPA and EMSs Office of Water funded pilot efforts in 10 states, municipality pilots – 1 st project complete; beginning second pilot; new pilot with Biosolids Assoc. Region I Star Track program; Region IX EMS template for metal finishers EMS and Enforcement (CFEMS) EPA “Aiming for Excellence” Report Sept. 99 Performance Track

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