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How to Expand Your High School Career Development Program Nathan Hale High School School District of West Allis-West Milwaukee.

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1 How to Expand Your High School Career Development Program Nathan Hale High School School District of West Allis-West Milwaukee

2 Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way. Booker T. Washington

3 Nathan Hale High School’s Career Academy Takes a common topic, career development, and approaches it in an uncommon way.

4 Why Should School Districts Consider Comprehensive Career Development Programs? To expose all students, 9-12, to a broad range of careers and career related activities in a consistent manner To empower students to make informed choices about careers prior to selecting post secondary options To best prepare students for success beyond the high school doors

5 The Nathan Hale High School’s Career Academy is a Comprehensive Career Development Program that Works!

6 Components of the Nathan Hale High School Career Academy  All students participate  It is supported through the school curriculum  It is supported by a Career Committee of staff members from across content areas  It partners with local businesses and organizations  It is recognized as a vital component of our school community and culture

7 All Student Activities  Interest Inventories  Career Research  Job Shadowing  Career Assemblies  Mock Interviews

8 Curriculum-Based  9 th grade –Success Highways Curriculum (8 lessons) –Social Studies and Math classes (4 lessons each)  10 th Grade –Wisconsin Career Assessment –Career research –Compare/contrast career essay assignment

9 Job Shadowing  Rationale –Snapshot of a day on the job –Credible source regarding education and training requirements, job responsibilities –Networking opportunity for summer job, internship, or permanent position  Procedures –Job Shadow Workshops –Forms

10 Career Assembly  Rationale  Format –Monthly event –4-5 career speakers per event –Individuals present for 10-12 minutes  Procedures –Sign-up –Passes –Student evaluation form

11 Mock Interviews  Rationale  Format –Cafeteria –15-20 minute interview –Interview with professional from related career  Procedures –Sign up –Pass to attend with report time –Evaluation

12 Tie it Together! Provide a framework

13 The Parent Meeting  Individual Parent/Student/Counselor Meetings –10 th and 11 th grade –Academic Planning –Career Planning –Transition to life after high school

14 Career Major Program  Required to complete 14 career-related requirements  Student, parent, school counselor, and faculty representative sign contract  Requirement check-off sheet  Verify interest  Saves student time and money

15 Employability Skills and Portfolio Workshop  Guest speakers present on the following topics: –Job search –Application –Resume writing  Portfolio –Helps organize and prepare for interview –Evidence of skills and accomplishments

16 School Activity  Rationale  Acceptable activities –Student mentor –Student tutor –Club or organization –Student aide

17 Career-Related Community Activity  Rationale  Networking  Shadowing  Verification  Intern Program

18 Classroom Integration  Link to curriculum  Require activities in individual class  Resume and portfolio development  Preparation for Mock Interview Day

19 Staff Collaboration  Career Committee Focus Group  Classroom use –Proximity to College & Career Center –Central location  Teachers encourage student participation –Events –Career major program

20 Career Major Meetings  September –Job Shadow Workshop –Activity Schedule –Required courses and activities  Mid Year –Individual student update of unfinished activities –Mock interview preview

21 Celebration of Success!  Diploma endorsement  Transcript endorsement  Silver cords  Academic Awards Banquet (Spring)

22 Implementation How to start your own program

23 Phase 1  Start-up –Administrative support –Energetic coordinator/leader –Budget (paper and copying)  Career Committee –Staff buy-in –One member of from each department  Career Assessments  Job Shadowing  Career Assemblies

24 Phase 2  Career/Academic Counseling Sessions –Parent meeting with school counselor –Individual, one-on-one meetings most effective –Large group meeting also possible  Mock Interviews –One day event –Helps build network of community contacts  Employability Skills & Portfolio Workshop –2-3 hour event –Follow up required

25 Phase 3  Establish Career Major Program –Career Committee  Career Major Meetings  Appreciation Breakfast  Silver Cords  Diploma Endorsements  Transcript Endorsements

26 Making it Work! Keys to Success

27 Administrative & Staff Support  Principal  School Board  Staff –Career Committee –English Department

28 Marketing  Name the program  Create a symbol  Publicity –School calendar –Counselor newsletter –Announcements –Signs/posters

29 Community Partnerships  West Allis-West Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce  GMR Marketing  Walgreens  MATC/WCTC  4-year colleges & universities

30 Appreciation Breakfast  Staff contributions  Partner contributions  Framed certificates presented  Hot breakfast served  Student speakers provide testimonials  Student portfolios displayed

31 Budget/Resources  College & Career Center Aide  GMR annual contribution  Starter Kit book sales  Community contacts database  Career Committee

32 Question & Answer Session

33 Contact Information Kathy MacDonald, Principal, 414-604-3211 Nate Rice, School Counselor, 414-604-3225

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