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Safeguarding Financial Institutions with Pixim ® ’s Digital Pixel System ® Technology July 2008.

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1 Safeguarding Financial Institutions with Pixim ® ’s Digital Pixel System ® Technology July 2008

2 P.2 Challenges to Securing Banks and Financial Institutions  Branching out requires layered approach to security to protect people, resources and property  Improved proximity of banking to consumers adds security concerns  Protection and security of ATM assets  Number of ATMs worldwide = 1.67 million; Number of ATMs in the United States = 395,000  Number of ATM transactions in the United States in 2006 = 10.1 billion  Inside the bank  Battling theft and fraud  Robberies increased nearly 10% in 2006 - National figures for 2007 are not complete  Monitoring people and detecting objects in high security areas: vaults, safe deposit boxes and cash counting stations  Outdoor activities  Parking lot and loitering at ATMs  Night depositories  Intrusion detection  Banks are looking for security that results in:  Saving time and resources  Lowering risk and fewer losses  Protecting employees and customers  Video is one of those solutions *Source: American Bankers Association, June 2007

3 P.3 The Benefits of Using Video Cameras  Deterring robberies - from external sources and within  Public View Monitors (PVMs) beam back images of robbers  US banking industry reports losses from employee theft exceed $1 billion annually  Crime investigation  Identify and track down suspects  Accepted for evidential purposes in courts of law  Maintaining regulatory compliance  FBI guidelines for security include making available video surveillance recordings covering 10 days prior to robbery  Continuous unarmed surveillance to minimize loss and tampering  Coordinate input from multiple locations  Capture images 24 hours a day  Reducing losses from skimming and fraud  Integrating ATM and teller transaction data with synchronized video *Source: American Bankers Association, June 2007

4 P.4 Problems Financial Institutions Face With Traditional Analog CCD Cameras  Respected but Time-Worn CCD Analog Cameras Cannot Overcome:  Lack of detail in high contrast conditions, backlight, under fluorescent light or outdoors  Bank foyers, remote branches, ATMs and night depositories  Low clarity in shadows  Loitering in parking lots, enclosed ATMs and detecting objects in high security areas  Washed out images due to glare and reflections from glass and metal  Color inaccuracies in varying lighting conditions  Cannot capture accurate color, skin tone and facial features in radically changing lighting  Low-quality DVR recordings

5 P.5 Pixim ®- Powered Cameras Meet Banking Surveillance Requirements  Widest dynamic range that delivers high quality images in all lighting conditions  Captures highlight and shadow detail - including backlit faces - in the same scene  Displays accurate skin tones  Superior color rendering in a wide range of lighting situations that are changing throughout the day  High contrast scenes, glare, and fluorescent lighting  High image compression and elimination of “noise”  Improved imaging with smaller file size  DVRs/NVRs record with higher frame rate or higher resolution - in the same recording time  No “camera blindness”  Removal of vertical smear, pixel blooming & other image artifacts  A wide variety of form factors for various locations inside or outside the bank “Poor lighting is the most common factor that degrades the quality of video images … The use of high dynamic range cameras should be considered to help improve the image quality.” FBI Forensic Science Commission

6 P.6 See the Digital Pixel System ® Difference Analog CCD camera Dark Images in Harsh Lighting Conditions Clear Images In Mixed Lighting Accurate Color, Facial Features

7 P.7 See the Digital Pixel System ® Difference  Loss of detail  Washed out details  Poor color representation  See the details  Accurate skin tones  See lights and darks simultaneously Analog CCD Camera

8 P.8 Using Pixim ® ’s Digital Pixel System ® Technology for Video Analytics  Effectiveness of intelligent video analytics is constrained by poor images provided by traditional analog CCD cameras  Pixim ® ’s Digital Pixel System ® technology allows the subtle details to be seen and acted upon  Digital Pixel System, all-digital cameras can provide new insights  It’s not just about having a quality camera anymore - It’s the content of the video provided by the camera that allows:  Preventing check fraud with by linking facial recognition to recorded transactions and images  Combating “phantom ATM withdrawals” - recording every transaction provides answers to incidents of suspicious withdrawals  Identifying abnormal activity in and around banking area

9 P.9 Financial Institutes Using Pixim ® ’s Digital Pixel System ® Technology

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