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Writing Proposals. Types of Proposals Research Proposals Book Proposals Business Plans.

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1 Writing Proposals

2 Types of Proposals Research Proposals Book Proposals Business Plans

3 Pre-proposal You have 60 seconds. –Give introductions, credentials. –Describe problem. –Describe solution. –Identify your needs.

4 Proposal Templates


6 Cover Letter Tips Three brief paragraphs. –Introduce Proposal. –Explain why you’re sending it. More “you” than “we.” Reminder about past discussion.

7 Biography Tips Convince the target that you’re the right person or team for the grant. –“Brag”, but be 100% truthful with support. –Know what the granter wants and provide it. –Look at bios from winning proposals.

8 Abstracts/Executive Summary A concise summary of your proposal. –State what you want and why you want it in one sentence. –Identify problem. –Explain how you will solve the problem.

9 The Contingency Plan

10 Revolutionary Ideas Link aspects of the idea to proven concepts. Preempt criticism and answer likely questions. Portray yourself as down-to-earth. Avoid describing concept as “revolutionary.”

11 Research Proposals Understand the audience. –Have a strategy for dealing with reviewers. Get someone on your team who will impress the reviewers. Write clearly and concisely. Make a convincing case for yourself.

12 Contents of a Research Proposal Cover sheet or cover letter Abstract or project summary Table of contents Project description –Significance statement –Objectives and hypothesis –Experimental design and methods Bios Schedule Budget

13 Significance Statement 1-2 page explanation of why research is important. Start generally and get more specific.

14 Project Description State overall objectives—if all goes well, what will be the result? State at least one hypothesis; no more than two.

15 Design and Methods Overview. Methods and Materials. Data Analysis (or plan for evaluating results).

16 Book Proposals Understand the audience. –Know how publishers think. Strategy –Convince publisher that your book will sell many copies. –Write well. –Understand market. –Convince publisher that you can meet a deadline.

17 Book Proposal Contents Your book proposal must contain the following: –Abstract –Biography –List of previous publications –Marketing –Detailed Outline –Schedule

18 Marketing Section Who are the primary and secondary audiences for the book? What are the competitors? How will you compare with them? What is the appropriate price? What are ideal venues?

19 Business Plans Understand audience. –How do you impress a group of investors or a venture capitalist? Strategy. –How much do you know about the prospect? –Are you experienced? –Do you have a way to recoup investments? –Are your ideas clear and sensible? –Do you have a market and a plan for reaching it? –Are you a friend of a friend?

20 Contents of a Business Plan Front Matter. –cover letter, cover page, TOC, etc. Executive Summary. Company. –brief corporate history or bios of members. Product. Support. Market. Marketing. Manufacturing/Distribution. Finances. Schedule.

21 Summary Is proposal error-free? Has someone outside the team reviewed the proposal? Have you followed the template? Is contact info correct? Is your bio effective? Do you explain business as well as technical matters? Is your budget realistic? Do you come across as well-organized and confident? Did you address potential problems effectively? Did you avoid obvious boilerplate?

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