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PART II Prayer: Faith-Less or Faith Filled February 1, 2015.

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1 PART II Prayer: Faith-Less or Faith Filled February 1, 2015

2 In the Valley  The disciples are arguing with the scribes.  The crowd is amazed by Jesus, they run up to greet him.  Jesus asks his disciples what the argument is about.  A man answers and tells Jesus he brought his son to Jesus’ disciples but they were unable to heal him.

3 Condition of the Man’s Son  He has a spirit that makes him mute and deaf.  He has seizures which throw him to the ground.  He foams at the mouth, grinds his teeth and his body becomes stiff.  He is thrown into the fire and water.

4 Jesus Asks Two Questions 1)How long am I to be with you? 2)How long am I to bear with you?

5 Jesus Responds to the Demonic Manifestation  Jesus asks for his disciples to bring the boy to him.  The evil spirit sees Jesus and causes the boy to convulse.  Jesus calmly asks the father how long this has been going on.

6 The Father’s Request for Healing  The father asks Jesus for compassion and help – ‘if’ Jesus has the ability to help.  Jesus responds: If you can! All things are possible for one who believes.

7 Jesus Does ‘Not’ Mean  If you believe in something with enough faith it will happen; if it does not happen, it is because you did not have enough faith.

8 Jesus Does Mean  Everything is possible if you have faith in who I am, what I have come to do, and what I can do in your particular life situation.

9 The Father’s Response  He immediately cried out: ‘I believe, help my unbelief!’

10 The Miracle  Jesus sees another crowd arriving and decides to heal the boy right then.  Jesus commands the evil spirit to leave the boy and to never come back.  Jesus took the boy by the hand and lifted him up and he arose.

11 Disease and Demonic Activity: Two Cautions 1)Beware of reducing the boys symptoms to a physiological ailment alone. 2)Beware of equating all physical or mental illness with demonic activity.

12 Jesus and His Disciples  Jesus and his disciples leave the crowds and go into a house together.  The disciples ask Jesus why they could not cast out the evil spirit.  Jesus tells them that this kind cannot be driven out by anything except faith filled prayer.

13 Two Reasons Jesus Answered This Way 1)The Gospels make no mention of the disciples praying in this account. 2)The disciples were confident in their own abilities and their experience.

14 Jesus’ Teaching on Prayer 1)Prayerful dependence on God is at the heart of prayer; prayer is an act of faith. 2)Prayer alerts us to God’s divine hope in the midst of the brokenness of sin. 3)Prayer is the means through which we come to terms with God's will and not our own.

15 Four Truths to Consider 1)Previous success in spiritual matters does not guarantee continued success; and previous failure does not guarantee continued failure. 2)Faith is nothing more than a mirage when there is no present sense of need. 3)If you do not trust Jesus, nothing else matters. 4)Faith filled prayer is required to combat the evil forces at work in our world.

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