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Bonding, Postnatal Care, and The Hospital Stay

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1 Bonding, Postnatal Care, and The Hospital Stay

2 Bonding The process of forming an attachment, or feeling of close connection, between parent and child. Can occur in the first hours, days, weeks, months of life together.

3 Postnatal Care Postnatal means after the birth
Apgar Scale: medical checkup to detect any problems that require immediate medical attention Rates an infants physical condition Receive a score of 0,1,or 2 for various signs Scores recorded at one minute and five minutes of life Score of 7 or more means good condition Score 4-6 may need some assistance like oxygen or suctioning Less than 4 may require emergency life-saving measures

4 Postnatal Care Cont… Routine Newborn Care: medicated drops are put into the eyes to prevent possible infections; Vitamin K and Hepatitis B shots are given; baby is weighed, measured and washed; identification bands are placed on the baby; footprints are recorded Neonatal Intensive Care: for babies who are born premature (before 37 weeks) or who are born low-birth weight (5.5 lbs. or less) may receive medical care in the NICU, they may be placed in an incubator, given oxygen, receive constant monitoring. Babies born premature or low-birth weight have an increased risk of long-term health problems and disabilities.

5 Postnatal Care Cont… Postnatal Care of the mother: mother is monitored including blood pressure, pulse, and breathing rate Mother may have chills and be very thirsty and hungry Usually taken to a recovery room and given something to eat and drink.

6 The Hospital Stay Rooming-In: the baby is cared for in the mother’s room rather than the nursery; allows the baby and mother to spend more time together; helps mother learn how to care for her baby; Full rooming in: baby stays all day and all night Partial rooming in: baby stays with mother most of the time and is taken periodically to the nursery

7 The Hospital Stay Breastfeeding: nurses or lactation consultants can help get the mother started. Mother produces colostrum, a yellow fluid rich in nutrients and antibodies that protect the infant from infection Circumcision: the male infant undergoes a surgical procedure where the foreskin of the penis is removed Usually done on the second day after birth Some do it as a religious rite Some believe there are health advantages Only parents can decide if this is to be done

8 The Hospital Stay Birth Certificate: essential for proving:
Legal age- prove age Citizenship- necessary to obtain a passport Relationships- used to establish family relationships

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