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BPM+CRM synergy to boost business efficiency

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1 BPM+CRM synergy to boost business efficiency

2 Why companies buy a CRM solution?
Discover new customers and increase customer revenue Simplify marketing and sales process Cross sell products more effectively Provide better customer service Make call centers more efficient What you see now is the list of tasks that companies name as a reason for buying CRM solution. And a lot of companies after a while search for a new CRM solution or try to do something with the existing one as they still cannot achieve their goals in full. We set up a question – What’s CRM-application should be to really solve tasks and not to be just another software for data collection.

3 Take action! BPMonline To achieve a goal we have to accomplish a set of certain actions. In other words – to get something we have to do something. We need this ACTION.

4 Action is a process And what is Action? Action is a Process. It is an understanding of what should be done and how it should be done to get expected speed and quality. Those who lead companies have their goals, tasks and ideas that they need to distribute across the organization and make it work. And they need a tool to create necessary processes and implement them.

5 The next gen of business apps
But also we have those who do a lot of different everyday tasks to make management dreams come true. A solution should help them. How? Just to offer the best next action according to previous results, collected data and available options.

6 CRM is powered by processes
And we came to the idea of CRM-system that allows not only search data quickly, make reports or track Sales Reps KPIs but actually help people to make correct decisions, choose the best way in the sales, marketing or customer service process.

7 Industry Tailored BPM + CRM
= Industry Tailored BPM + CRM And we created BPMonline - the merger of Business process management and CRM.

8 CRM Features Account and Contact Management
Lead and Opportunity Management Automation and Tracking of Selling Processes and Sales Operations Campaign Management Case /Incident Management Knowledge Management Dashboards/Analytics Contact Centre Management Documents and Order Management

9 CRM Features Customer Data Management
Collect vital customer data from , phone, website, etc. Merge data from, and to have a complete picture of your customers Create detailed customer profiles Deliver instant, company-wide access to customer interaction history Provide employees with all the information they need at their fingertips

10 CRM Features Sales Management
Deliver greater opportunity for data collection Easily differentiate and segment customers Expand opportunities for cross sales Nimbly manage sales team with sales pipeline Standardize sales process across organization

11 CRM Features Campaign Management
Use multiple metrics to segment customers Plan and launch more targeted campaigns Measure response and revenue from campaign Improve marketing team coordination Facilitate product and campaign feedback

12 CRM Features Incidents Management
Use Knowledge Base to increase first time resolution Get real-time analytics to measure performance Track state of incidents to reduce overdue ones Efficiently route and escalate incidents to accelerate resolution Automate service delivery through all channels

13 CRM Features Time Management
Organize all types of activities (tasks, calls, s) in a single window Use Invisible CRM for a seamless MS Outlook integration Plan, assign and monitor employee workload Assign regular recurring tasks Employ reminders to optimize timeliness Deploy business processes to assign tasks and resources to team members

14 CRM Features Document Management
Enter data once and automate data conversion Generate documents automatically merging data with templates Archive all document versions Approve documents online Create a well-structured e-Library for all materials Automate documentary process

15 Contact Centre Features
Agent Capabilities and Benefits: Deliver a single point of access for agents Shorten response time by automating routine Use scripts and call scenarios Log all communications Support for multiple channels, including phone, , and web interactions. Get agent activity reports Integrate with the popular call centers: Cisco, Avaya, Nortel

16 BPM Features Under Development Process Design
Process Execution: Code Generation, Compilation and Execution User Interface Designer Content Management EAI Tools: Web Services, Direct DB Access, Third-Party Software Connectors BI (basic functionality) BAM (basic functionality) BRM Simulation and Optimization BI (extended functionality) BAM (extended functionality) Under Development

17 BPM Features WYSIWYE Business Process Designer
Create and execute processes on-the-fly Optimize processes in a consistent way Use standard processes as a foundation Leverage the BPMN benefits

18 BPM Features Automation of the CRM Processes: Customer Acquisition
Customer Development Marketing Management Customer Lifecycle Management Cross Sales Incident Management Documents Approval Knowledge Base Management etc.

19 Because it works! Why BPMonline CRM?
All the features shown above are just great and cover all the necessary CRM solution points. And let’s now talk about business benefits it can provide to a business owner and employees. We identified 5 key benefits of Business Process Management in CRM solution.

20 1. Drive Innovations

21 2. Best Practices

22 3. Communication

23 4. Save time

24 5. CX

25 Key Differentiation: BPM+CRM Fusion Achievements:
Customers: users 500+ users 150 users 10 users


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