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What is a social contract ?. Agreement to follow laws; govt. will protect rights.

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1 What is a social contract ?

2 Agreement to follow laws; govt. will protect rights

3 What is republicanism ?

4 A representative form of government

5 What is mercantilism ?

6 Colonies existing for good of the mother country

7 What does natural rights mean ?

8 Human rights you have because you are human

9 What natural rights did colonists want ?

10 Right to life, liberty, property, free speech

11 How did Great Awakening lead to Amr. Revolution

12 United colonists made people feel independent

13 What was the Age of Enlightenment ?

14 Time people used reason to understand world

15 Why was Enlightenment important to the Rev ?

16 Helped them see the right to independence

17 What were Thomas Hobbes ideas ?

18 People were bad, need govt. to control them

19 What were John Locke's ideas ?

20 People are good, govt should protect rights

21 What else did Locke believe ?

22 The right to life, liberty and property

23 What beliefs did Montesquieu have ?

24 3 branches of govt with separate powers

25 What was Adam Smith's economic theory ?

26 Govt should not interefere with the economy

27 What else did Smith say ?

28 Let the laws of supply and demand operate

29 What was Smith's book ?

30 Wealth of Nations

31 What is laissez faire economics

32 Govt should not interefere with the economy

33 What was George Whitefield's idea about G-d?

34 G-d is a forgiving spirit

35 What was Johnathan Edwards idea about G-d?

36 G-d is a punishing spirit

37 What does consent of the people mean ?

38 The people give permission for govt. to act

39 What is civic virtue ?

40 Do what is good for all

41 Why is the Magna Carta important ?

42 First time the King's power was limited

43 What is the Mayflower Compact ?

44 An agreement to make fair laws for good of all

45 The important idea of the Mayflower Compact is?

46 The idea of civic virtue

47 List famous English documents that list rights

48 Magna Carta, Petition of Rights, Bill of Rights

49 What other famous English document is there ?

50 Habeas Corpus

51 What does salutary neglect mean ?

52 Time that King ignored colonies, they rule on own

53 What is actual representation ?

54 Person who lives in your community represents

55 Why was 7 Years War important to Amer. history?

56 Learned guerilla warfare, taxing began

57 What was virtual representation ?

58 Represented by people who don't live in your area

59 What war created so much debt that taxes began?

60 French Indian War

61 Who was King George III ?

62 King of England during revolutionary era

63 Two groups that protested taxes ?

64 Sons of Liberty, Committees of Correspondence

65 What was a Loyalist ?

66 Loyal to King

67 What was a Patriot ?

68 Wanted to be independent from England

69 What was a neutralist ?

70 Did not take sides

71 What were forms of protest ?

72 Petition, boycott, demonstration, riots

73 What is a trade embargo ?

74 A country will no longer trade with another

75 Why did colonists tar and feather people ?

76 To protest against taxes, and scare people

77 What did John Adams do in the Revolution ?

78 Defended British soldiers in Boston Mass

79 What else did he do ?

80 Served in the Continental Congress

81 What did Paul Revere do in the Revolution ?

82 Delivered messages, engraved Boston Massacre

83 What else did he do ?

84 Warned that the British were coming

85 What did Revere's engraving convince people of ?

86 A massacre had taken place in Boston

87 What happened at the massacre ?

88 British soldiers shot at a threatening crowd

89 What happened at the trial of the soldiers ?

90 All but two were ruled innocent

91 What was the quartering act ?

92 Law said soldiers would live in colonists homes

93 What was the Townshend Act ?

94 Tax on almost all goods

95 How did the colonists react to the Townshend Act?

96 Boycotted the products

97 What actions did Sam Adams take in the Rev ?

98 Sons of Liberty organized, Comm of Corr

99 What words is Patrick Henry famous for saying ?

100 Give me liberty or give me death

101 What was the Stamp Act ?

102 Had to pay for a stamp for published material

103 What was the tea act ?

104 Created a monopoly; colonists lost choice of tea

105 What was the Boston Tea Party ?

106 Colonists protested Tea Act by destroying tea

107 What were the Intolerable Acts ?

108 Punished Boston, no more assemblies, and

109 And what else ?

110 Military moved in, port closed, had to pay tea costs

111 What as the "Shot heard 'round the world"?

112 First shots fired at Lexington and Concord

113 What famous document did Jefferson write ?

114 Declaration of Independence

115 What actions did Ben Franklin take in the rev era?

116 Political cartoons, helped write Dec Ind, diplomat

117 What else ?

118 Served on Continental Congress

119 What are the main ideas in Dec of Independence?

120 Democracy, govt protects rights, people rule,

121 What else

122 Equality, abolish abusive govt. and more !

123 Who were most famous leaders of the Revolution

124 Sam Adams, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson

125 Who else ?

126 Ben Franklin, George Washington, Paul Revere

127 Who was the most famous pamphleteer ?

128 Thomas Paine

129 What did Thomas Paine do in the Revolution ?

130 Wrote Common Sense;convincing people to rebel

131 What are the main ideas in Common Sense ?

132 Law is King, T'is Time to Part

133 What actions did Washington take in Revolution ?

134 Commander of Continental Army

135 Why is Benedict Arnold famous ?

136 Became a traitor to the Patriot cause




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