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How to Choose a College Ms. Pietris School Counselor.

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1 How to Choose a College Ms. Pietris School Counselor

2 Making Choices  There are many factors to consider in selecting a college or university  Start by examining your own goals, interests, and plans for future  Most important is the FIT between individual and school

3 Types of Schools  Public or private  Two year schools  Community colleges  Professional and technical schools  Four year schools  Colleges  Universities  There’s a type for everyone

4 Academic Program  What do you want to study?  Think about your interests, strengths, career ideas  Consider taking an interest inventory test  Schools often have strengths in a particular academic area  Ability to change your plan of study if your interests change

5 How close to home? Campus setting Urban Suburban Rural Location

6 Campus Size Do you want a school that is: Small Medium Large Physical design of the campus

7 Student Body  What do you want your campus to look like?  Coed or single sex  Ethnic diversity  LGBTQ community  Accessibility for differently abled  Geographic diversity

8 International Education Interactions with students from around the globe Study abroad opportunities

9 Extracurricular Life  Sports  Clubs  Arts  Fraternities/sororities  Social events  Community service  Dining  Tutoring

10 Living Arrangements  Home or away?  On-campus and off-campus housing options  Space inside dorm rooms  Number of roommates

11 Financial Considerations  Cost of the school  Private  Public  In-state versus out of state  Financial Aid  Loans  Scholarships & Grants

12 “Finding Your Fit” worksheet

13 Practice search College View search tool & university selection guide

14 Final Thoughts  Fit is most important  Choosing a college is not competition; it is about the match  Visit colleges  Research individual college websites  Attend college fairs  Talk to students, alumni, & faculty

15 Resources College View Search Tool & University Selection Guide New York State Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC)

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