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Refugee Rights in International Law

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1 Refugee Rights in International Law

2 Introduction Refugees a World-Wide Challenge
International Law Provides Minimum Human Rights for Refugees Key Definitions: Refugee Asylum Seeker Internally Displaced Person Migrant Stateless Person Returnees

3 International Refugee Law
1951 Refugee Convention establishes rights & standards 1967 Protocol removes Convention’s time & place restrictions incorporates Conventions rights & standards Other International Human Rights Agreements International Humanitarian Law Agreements Regional Agreements Non-Binding Documents

4 Regional Refugee Law Africa Europe The Americas
African Charter on Human & People’s Rights AU Convention Governing Refugee Problems African Charter on Child Rights & Welfare Europe Convention for Protection of Human Rights Council of Europe Agreements The Americas Human Rights Agreements Refugee Agreements

5 Refugee Law in the U.S. Party to 1967 Refugee Convention Protocol
2005 Act Tightened Asylum Due to Terrorism Asylum Criteria: refugee, of special humanitarian concern, and not barred by certain actions burden of proof on applicant on refugee status past vs. future persecution internal relocation must be unreasonable

6 Other U.S. Immigration Options
Withholding of Removal Deferral of Removal Temporary Protected Status Deferred Enforced Departure

7 Concerns With Asylum System
Security Fraud Overburdening Host Government

8 Key Civil Rights Treatment Without Discrimination Survival Rights
Due Process Freedom of Movement Education Work Freedom of Thought, Conscience, Religion Freedom of Association Right of Non-Refoulement

9 Cessation of Refugee Status
Voluntary Return New Nationality Circumstances Causing Refugee Status Cease


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